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Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, love, and support!  God has blessed me with great friends like you to live life together!  I don’t deserve friends/brothers and sisters-in-Christ like you.  Thanks to and praise God for His grace that He lavishes on those who love Him (that last part is very important)!

My dad finally was put into a hospital room roughly 45 minutes to an hour ago.  He called home and spoke to my mom.  Our doctor saw him today around 5 PM and is going to send three specialists (one of them being a heart specialist my dad has seen before for regular check-up stuff I think) my dad’s way in the next day or two (I think).

There’s a lot of other stuff I’ve been hoping to write about in an entry, but haven’t gotten around to doing so.  Perhaps this weekend, I’ll have a chance!

Probably my favorite commercial of all-time…Enjoy!

Now that I watched it again, I think the narrator’s voice sounds similar to the one in some WRX commercials.  What do you think?

I just got home from the emergency room (ER) at Garfield Medical Center a few minutes ago (around 1 AM).  I dropped my dad and mom off there because my dad is diabetic and his blood/sugar level was way low.  He basically had no energy and was very lethargic.  My mom and I couldn’t even move him (~220 lbs is no walk in the park) from our van to the wheelchair they provided us.  My mom said she was told the guard couldn’t leave his post (ridiculous in my opinion, but I suppose if something were to happen where he were needed, that’d be bad news).  I told her there was no way the two of us would be able to move him.  So she went back in and thankfully, a male doctor/nurse of decent build was kind enough to help me.  He grabbed my dad’s torso and I grabbed his legs.  How’d he get into the van in the first place?  Another full-size adult male that was on the Florida trip with my dad and I loaded him into the van around 11:35 PM when my dad still had a little energy.  There are more details, but I will share those at a later time.

Please pray for God to be with my dad, Mel, and my mom, Laverne, and help them through this.  My mom will give me a call to update me and/or ask me to take her back home.  This is the first time his diabetes has affected him this much.  It also makes me glad I told him, “I love you, Dad,” when I dropped him off Thursday night, although I’m not sure he heard me.  I think he did because I didn’t say it really softly.  Thanks to God and to all of you out there who will join me in prayer!

UPDATE: My mom just called me a few minutes ago (~6:50 AM) telling me that my dad is going to be admitted and that our regular doctor, whose practice is right across the street from the Garfield Medical Center, will see him sometime today.  She said they’ve been giving him IVs and now his blood/sugar level is quite a bit up from down in the 20s to around 220 or so now.  Thanks for your prayers, love, and support.  As the great Yogi Berra said, “It’s not over ’til it’s over.”

As our great God says in His Word through His apostle Paul, “If God is on our side, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

Somebody tried to IM me at work yesterday when I was typing in another window and happened to press the “n” key right after your message pop-up, thus closing the message window.  Was it you?  Sorry about that!  You’re more than welcome to drop me a line again!

I met Michael Jordan yesterday!  I met the original Michael Jordan since Edmunds’ one is older than the one ya’ll probably first thought of!  He came to us from Automobile magazine and Car & Driver.  He’s a pretty cool guy to talk to, even though he said he’s an “Evo” (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) guy!  I copied and pasted the press release below from

Press Release


Jeannine Fallon/Chintan Talati Corporate Communications
Media Hotline: 310-309-4900

Michael Jordan Named Executive Editor of Edmunds’ Inside Line

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — January 5, 2007 — Inside Line, Edmunds’ high-speed online car magazine and the most-read automotive enthusiast Web site, today announced that acclaimed automotive journalist Michael Jordan has joined its staff as Executive Editor. Jordan is based at the company’s Santa Monica headquarters.

“Michael is well known and highly regarded for creating, writing and editing stories about cars, car culture and car people,” said Inside Line Editor In Chief Scott Oldham. “With Michael’s help, Inside Line will achieve its full potential as the ultimate automotive enthusiast magazine.”

Jordan comes to the position after serving as Automobile‘s Los Angeles Bureau Chief for 20 years. He has freelanced for Newsweek International, Playboy and numerous automotive specialty publications, and he was an editor for Car and Driver. He has earned more than a dozen Moto Awards, given in recognition of excellence in international automotive media.

“For years I’ve been impressed with Edmunds; the company has a very bright future and I am eager to be a part of it,” said Jordan. “I’m joining a great team, and together we are ready to make a magazine that will set new standards in automotive journalism.”

About, Inc. (, Inc. publishes three Web sites that empower, engage and educate automotive consumers and enthusiasts., the premier online resource for automotive consumer information, launched in 1995 as the first automotive information Web site. Its most popular feature, the True Market Value ® , is relied upon by millions of people seeking current transaction prices for new and used vehicles. was named “Best Car Research Site” by Forbes ASAP, has been selected by consumers as the “Most Useful Web Site” according to every J.D. Power and Associates New Study(SM), was ranked first in the Survey of Car-Shopping Web Sites by The Wall Street Journal and was rated “#1” in Keynote’s study of third-party automotive Web sites. Inside Line launched in January 2005 and is the most-read automotive enthusiast Web site. CarSpace launched in February 2006 and is an automotive lifestyle social networking Web site for anyone with an interest in automobiles. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, and maintains a satellite office in suburban Detroit.

Only in Southern California

(^ Not the car I drive.  The car photographed above is a 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan.  I think the photo was taken somewhere in the Inland Empire…or maybe Riverside.)

Wow!  I haven’t written an entry in two weeks!

I’m still coughing.  Hopefully, it’ll be gone in a week!  Today, my throat started hurting every time I cough.

The worse thing about being sick has been not being able to sing along with Chris (Tomlin) and Steven (Curtis Chapman) and worship music.  Sunday was the first day I could sing notes within my regular range.  I can’t wait to sing again!

I’ve been reading through Jeremiah lately.  It’s amazing how God through Jeremiah instructed the rulers of Judah and the Israelites on several occasions of what they should or shouldn’t do yet they still didn’t obey God.

The striking thing is the Holy Spirit has convicted me of how I can be the same.  I am a sinner.  Thank God for who He is and what He’s done, what He’s doing, and what He will do in His people’s lives!  This reminds me of the song “Speechless” by Steven Curtis Chapman (SCC) and Geoff Moore from SCC’s Speechless album (©1999 Sparrow Records).

I am speechless
I’m astonished and amazed
I am silenced by Your wondrous grace
You have saved me, You have raised me from the grave
I am speechless
In Your presence now
I’m astounded as I consider how
You have shown us a love that leaves us speechless

For those of you who park your vehicles in the church parking lot and aren’t a 1) visitor 2) parent w/ kids 3) senior 4) special guest of some sort, let me encourage you (again for some of you) to park on Fairway Drive or Brea Canyon Cut-off Road.

I say this because I was reading through the church building project booklet last week and realized there are some of you out there in Xanga-land who know it’d be a nice gesture to others to park your vehicle outside of the church parking lot but you stil do it anyway.  In the booklet, it says that people who are interested in coming to our church leave when they realize there isn’t a good place they can park their vehicles.  I personally can’t say that I’ve seen this, but from what others say, they’re exist and are out there.

Tonight at Bible Study Fellowship, the passage that was discussed and lectured on was Romans 8:28-39.  That passage always reminds me of two songs.  The first is “On Our Side” from Chris Tomlin’s Arriving (©2004 Sparrow Records) album.  The second is “Believe Me Now” from Steven Curtis Chapman’s All Things New (©2004 Sparrow Records) album (Third Day’s lead singer and fellow lefty, Mac Powell, also is heard in that song).  The first one totally makes me think of Romans 8:31 because of the beginning of its chorus…If God is on our side, who can be against us.  The second one has the lines…I am with you…I am for you… in its chorus–another reminder of Romans 8:31.  Because I was reminded of these great songs, I figured I might as well put one of ’em up.  It’s time to get your groove on, ya’ll!  Everytime I hear “On Our Side”, I want to sway and clap along…and air guitar too!  And so should you!!!

Here’s Chris’ “story” behind the song:
I was talking to Ed Cash, our producer, about wanting a song that just brings joy in the room. The next day he showed me this idea he had for a gospel-type song. I instantly loved it. I’ve never recorded a song like this before, but it was a blast. Just hearing all the different singers light up the whole project for me.

On Our Side
Words and Music by Chris Tomlin and Ed Cash

Everyone around the world
Hear the joyful sound
See the heavens open up
Hear the music coming down
Nothing’s gonna separate us from the Father’s love
I can’t help but celebrate
‘Cause we’re not alone

If God is on our side
Who can be against us?
If God is on our side
We won’t be afraid
Though the mountains may fall
And the sky will crumble
There ain’t nothin’ gonna stand in our way

Come on down to the river side
Wash it all away
Leave behind your troubled mind
For an uncloudy day
Nothing’s gonna separate us from the Father’s love
I can’t help but celebrate
‘Cause we’re not alone

Just in case you missed one of the greatest college football games ever – The 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona featuring the Boise State University Broncos and the Oklahoma University Sooners:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m still a little sick.

I’ve got a few things I’d like to write about.  Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to write about ’em throughout the week.

Well, it’s really our Father’s (God’s) world.  Good win for USC.  Dwayne (fellow lefty) could have exhibited better sportsmanship in today’s game.  John David Booty did a fantastic job as well as everyone on the entire team (offensive line, defense, special teams)!  Kudos also to Brian Cushing, the game’s Defensive MVP, for giving God props.

Boise State University Broncos, I salute you!!!  MAD props!!!  Way to go FTW (for the win)!!!