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Swinging Friars -> Sweeping Friars!!!  The San Diego Padres beat the Los Angeles Dodgers today in a matinee game, 10-3, to complete a three-game sweep of the evil Dodgers.  Jake Peavy hit his 2nd career home run in the top of the 4th inning with a runner on 2nd base and 2 out by tatooing a Brad Penny 95 mph fastball into the stands in the left field corner.

Mark had a good start today in his return from his second stint on the disabled list (DL) this year pitching 5-2/3 innings of no-hit ball (although he walked five and only struck out three) against the New York Mets.  The Cubs lost the game in 10 innings.  I think Mark will find his mark (pun intended) soon!

Something else I’ve also experienced lately is a sense of contentment with Devoted Dan.  I was kind of hoping to get a 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STI which should be the second year of the new (yet-to-be-seen) model’s redesign.  What makes me really content with what I already have is when I think about all the small chips on the hood and front bumper, the small two or three cracks on the windshield, and the beating I subject him to on the track.  He’s like a Timex® watch.  It takes a beating and keeps on ticking!  He’s like a rock (no, not a Chevy Truck), or “Cephas” in Aramaic or “Petra” in Greek!  Hopefully, I won’t get an itch to get something faster…one that I hopefully won’t need to scratch.  For the most part, Dan is still plenty quick…fast enough to get me into trouble.

Track action

It seems like I have a knack of finishing my entries with the most important thing.

With that being said, I’ve spent a little time thinking about the people I know who have gone on missions this summer to spread the name and fame of the Famous One.  Reading about how God is at work through the mere ministry of my brothers and sisters in Christ is amazing to say the least.  Words can’t express how awesome God is and the works of His hands.  He does all things well!  Thanks be to our God the Father, Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, and the Holy Spirit for showing us a love that leaves us speechless (cue “Speechless” by Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore from the album Speechless, ©1999 Sparrow Records)

Reminder: Halftime is on Thursday night at the Wong residence!

Bruins and Golden Domers, it’s not your fault!

EA SPORTS – It’s in the game!  What is “it” you ask?  “It” is Trojan domination!  Fight on!!!

New wallpaper anyone?

I played my first game (and only so far) of NCAA Football 2007 on Sunday night.  My Trojans beat the Arkansas Razorbacks, 38-7, on the road to open up the 2006 season.  Arkansas‘ points came off an interception John David Booty  threw while he was getting hit, affecting the intended trajectory and path of the football.  The Arkansas defender returned the interception for a touchdown.  I scored my points thanks to 2 TD passes (Btw, Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith are studs in the game), 2 QB sneaks for TDs, 1 rushing TD, and a 41-yard field goal (I also missed a 47-yard FG wide left…it was long enough though).  This was all done at the All-American, the second hardest difficulty.  I can’t hang with the Heisman difficulty.  I firmly believe the computer cheats at the Heisman level.

Work has been pretty enjoyable lately.  The relaxed environment is such a huge blessing.  Praise God!  That doesn’t mean there still isn’t a lot of work to get done!  I asked my manager for time off without pay for August 4-11, 2006 (FCBC Walnut Summer Retreat at Mt.Palomar on August 4-7 and DCLA 2006 at the AnaheimConvention Center on August 7-11) and he didn’t have any problem with giving it to me!  PTL!  It was actually something I mentioned during the initial interview.

Don’t laugh too hard at what I’m about to say.  I was driving on Saturday night when I thought I might seriously want to become a California Highway Patrol Officer.  I’m going to try to take some time really praying about this one.

Why would I want to become a CHiP?  I would think it would give me a great opportunity to help people and make a difference in people’s lives.  The idea of patrolling the state’s freeways and highways appeals to a vigilante desire to carry out justice I’ve kind of always had.  I love the fact that I would receive advanced driver training.  The possible downsides could be crazy hours (=time away from family) and the element of danger.  I don’t think being a CHiP officer would be nearly as dangerous as being a local police department officer.

I went to tonight’s (Tuesday night’s) Dodger game with Steve Quon.  The good guys, the San Diego Padres, won 7-3.  I experienced the worst heckling in all my years of going to Dodger Stadium (always rooting for the other team since 1996).  There were a few drunk guys just being “unpleasant people” behind us.  If provoked, I’d be so tempted to go “USC” (think 2003 Orange Bowl against Iowa, the 2004 Rose Bowl against Michigan, the 2005 Orange Bowl against Oklahoma, last 7 USC vs. UCLA football games, and the last 4 USC vs. ND football games) on their candy “behinds”!!!  At the end after all was said and done and the Pads emerged victorious, I just told the people behind me, “Have a nice evening, gentlemen.”  I was so tempted to say, “Scoreboard!” too, but decided discretion was the better part of valor.  The Pads will try to break out the brooms tomorrow (technically, today – Wednesday) and sweep the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine in the early afternoon.

Three Sundays ago, I bowled a 149 at Covina Bowl.  It was a personal best (PB) for me.  My previous PB was a 128 I got during my freshman or sophomore year at Shatto Lanes close to Pilgrim School, where I went to school for Kindergarten to 12th grade, excluding 7th grade (Punahou School in Hawai’i).  What really helped me was a turkey over the 8th, 9th, and first ball of the 10th frame.  I think the fact that I named myself “Joe” that night helped too.  I chose “Joe” because I like to think of myself as an “average Joe.”  Those who know me well also know I like to make lame “Joe Momma” jokes.  I was surprised Uncle Joe, Christi, David, and Cheryl’s dad, didn’t say anything.  After all, he was using the lane next to us.

However, my score was nothing next to what Preston, Jaclyn, and Tiffany Lew bowled that night if I remember correctly.  I forgot what Jon Ng bowled that night.

Last, but most important, I want to give “mad props”, a.k.a. all glory and honor and praise, to God for

Throughout this summer, I’ve been so blessed to witness and experience God working in the lives of His church’s youth and my fellow peers.  He is truly building up His community.  Come and take your place among the threads (reference from Geoff Moore & The Distance’s Threads album, ©1997 ForeFront Records)!

Verse One
There is a Thread
Running between us
The first and last
Breath that we breathe

And in this Strand
Of flesh and bone
Reside the hopes and dreams we call our own

(And) There’s a Hand
That sews the threads together
Around one Strand
Of saving scarlet thread

Come as you are
Weary, worn, and tattered
Come and take
Your place among the threads.

Verse Two
There is a Thread
Sometimes unseen
Moving through life’s tapestry
And when this Strand
Enters a soul
It’s woven to the One that makes us whole

(And) There’s a Hand
That sews the threads together
Around one Strand
Of saving scarlet thread

Come as you are
Weary, worn, and tattered
Come and take your place
Among the threads
Come and take your place
Among the threads

Remember “Halftime” is on Thursday, or “Jueves” in Español, at The Wong (not mine) residence!

It’s been way too long!  I’ll try to keep this short with a more detailed entry later on in the week about what I’ve been up to!  I totally should not be up right now, but I thought it’d be cool to provide ya’ll with something to read.

I got to play BROOMBALL last Sunday!  AWESOME fun!!!  I loved playing for Team J.C. (Justin Chan…or Jesus Christ…I would say it’s your choice, but I’m a believer of “you choose, you lose” thinking!)!  People who play broomball, as a favor to others, please refrain from taking slapshots.  It’s all in the wrist, baby!  Wristers for the win (FTW)!!!

Devoted Dan got “owned” last Monday night by a couple of our church’s recently graduated high school seniors, Meryl Lua and Tiffany Lew, while I was at church for summer retreat training.  Here is a picture of him I took the next day before I washed the “graffiti” off:

I must admit the color of the paint used matches the car pretty well.  That’s about all that paint was good for!

Here’s a shot of Devoted Dan on Wednesday before I drove to “Halftime” at the Lim residence (Uncle Daniel, Auntie Michelle, Jaclyn, and Jonathan’s home).  “Halftime” will be there again this Wednesday evening!  Don’t forget to “bring the Book!”

I filled in for Uncle Ted Low and Alex Kwan on Sunday with the high school freshman class.  I closed with some of the things God’s placed on my heart lately.  I tried to do a recap of their previous lessons with my own spiel on a proper response to knowing some of the attributes of God that were taught in previous weeks.

Here is my conclusion to the lesson:

So What Now?

Knowing these attributes of God as well as His innumerable others should present a better picture of who God is.  Our relationship with God is not to be centered on what He’s done for us, what He’s currently doing for us, and what He will do for us—far from it!  While those things are great and part of His equation to redeem us through Jesus’ sacrifice which was made known to us through the Holy Spirit, we miss out on the “big picture” if we fail to focus on who God is.  If your parents didn’t love you, they probably wouldn’t provide for you in the first place.  To worship God rightly, we need to focus on His being first.  God is great and we are not.  We are infinitesimal (let that be your vocabulary word of the week), or infinitely small.  God is more than a friend next to us that gives us a reason to sing, “La la.”  He is more than a genie we tell our prayer requests.  Simply put, God is God.  Look at the prophet Isaiah’s reaction to seeing God in Isaiah 6.

Similarly, we need to focus ourselves on our own being.  We need to realize that our relationship with God is to be centered on being and not doing.  God calls us to be holy as He is holy (Leviticus 19:2; 1 Peter 2:9-10).  Notice how the main verbs in those passages are “be” and “are.”  God is not calling His people to “do.”  Instead, He is calling His people to “be.”  Do not merely be hearers of the word, and not only doers, but “be” the word.  Let God’s Word dwell in you first (Colossians 3:16) before you do (Colossians 3:17).  Remember, Jesus Christ is God’s Word made available to us (John 1:1, 14).  He “became” before He “did.”  Let us model Christ in “being” first before “doing.”

Please do not post any comments regarding this.  May God use it as food for thought.  If there are any theological and/or hermeneutic holes in it, please e-mail me ASAP so I can learn from this.

Last Wednesday, I found out I didn’t get the job with American Honda.

Yesterday (Monday), I started my job as a warranty administrator at Sierra Acura in Alhambra, CA.  I should have a better idea of what it will truly be like by the end of the week.  Praise God for His provision and faithfulness!

I heard President Bush cursed on tonight’s news.  I went to to try to find more information on his latest slip-up (here) – Dubya dropped an “S” bomb!  I don’t care if you love him or hate him (or don’t care at all); you have to love the picture below!

Please seriously pray for the Middle East and North Korea!

I also stumbled across a couple of other cool articles:
Are Students Losing Their Religion on Campus? (Naughty Bruins!  Please read the story and watch the video to find out why I said that!)
Jump to Prevent Global Warming –

Pilgrim Patriots and TCFers, don’t forget to wish a Happy Birthday to Anna who turns 23 on the 21st (corrected)!

In closing, I just wanted to say, “I love you, Steve!”

2 back-to-back wins tonight as a member of the mafia thanks to masterful play by my partners in crime!

Game 1: Jason Homan (Xanga: j_h0), Felix Tsoi (Xanga: fefe_tha_drummer), and me
Game 2: James Homan (Xanga: MarsBlackman), Gabe Lee, and me

After we were done at Aaron, Nathan, and Hannah’s parents’ house, I started Devoted Dan up, turned on the headlights, and noticed the light output was lower than usual.  It looked like the driver side low beam headlight bulb was out.  I stepped out of the car to verify the cause.  I drove Andrew Hsu home and then came back here.  Note: 60 Freeway is prone to be under construction on Friday and Saturday (maybe Sunday nights too) after 10:30 or 11:00 PM and later.

It took me about 45 minutes to replace the bugger because there isn’t much room between the battery and the rear of the driver side headlight housing (the passenger side is an even tighter confine).  Once I got the burnt bulb out (an Osram SilverStar H1 bulb – European ECE spec), I replaced it with a Sylvania SilverStar H1 bulb – US DOT spec (distinguishable by its bluish tint and whitish light output) that I had left over from before because the bulbs that were in the car (Osram SilverStars) were replaced at the same time.

Tip of the day: When replacing headlight bulbs, you generally should do both at the same time.

Now when would I take my own advice?  Not this time!  Since I had the Sylvania SilverStar bulb left from before, I might as well use it until the passenger side Osram SilverStar bulb goes out.  I should also add that I already have a brand new pair of Osram SilverStar bulbs that I’ve been saving.

What’s the difference?  The Sylvania SilverStars, a.k.a. U.S. SilverStars, are good for about 1410 lumens and burn at about ~4000K.  They produce a fairly whitish light because of the bluish tint on the bulb itself.  The bluish tint, however, also decreases the light output and lifespan of the bulb.  The Osram SilverStars on the other hand, are a +50 halogen light bulb (~1750 lumens?) that is highly regarded in Europe (Auto Express UK magazine 2005 Best Buy award winner, one of three) as well as here in the U.S. (even though the Osram SilverStars are not U.S. DOT legal).  I’d love to explain it more, but I’m really tired!

Here’s a diagram of the U.S.-spec Sylvania SilverStars at work.

Daniel Stern, an experienced consultant in the field of automotive lighting science and technology, setup, regulation, development, history, and modification, explains the difference quite well here.

Thanks to Tracy (Xanga: scmeggiry) I need to make a correction to my previous entry.  I don’t mind admitting I’m wrong when I’m totally wrong.  Anyway, she’s a fellow lefty, so that’s makes it all good!

Tracy says the original Roscoe’s House of Chicken’ N Waffles is its Hollywood location (1514 N Gower St Los Angeles, CA 90028-6422), not the West L.A. one on West Pico Blvd. (5006 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019-4126).

I went to Dromo One with Tim Seargeant, Kenny Chin, and Kevin Chin on Thursday night.  We ran in the 7:45 PM race with five other people we didn’t know, one of which was there for the first time.  I finished third in our race to two “regulars”, but I set the fastest lap of the race by 0.104 of a second.  When I went on Saturday, my best lap time was 24.672 seconds (on lap 18 of 18).  On Thursday night, my best lap was 24.405 seconds (on lap 21 of 22).

Before our race, I commented that the track looked faster/grippier.  The private group (some law firm I think, I saw a white Ford Explorer with a USC Law license frame and another one with a USC Alumni license frame with a plate that said USCTXMN or something like that) that went before us actually ran a 90-minute endurance race (>140 laps).

The best thing about my improved best lap time was that it was in the middle of a string of laps I put together at the end of the race, when I was starting to tire/fatigue a little bit.  On Saturday with the crazy heat/humidity, I didn’t get tired at all during that race.  But on Thursday night, I could feel it.  The best thing is that my lap times improved as I soldiered on!  Perhaps it was because we ate dinner before our race.  I usually don’t like to eat before any sort of physical activity because I believe it’ll weigh me down or make me groggy.  Before any of my baseball or football games in high school, I tried to make sure I visited John before getting on the bus/van.  Most of you out there should be able to figure things out from there without me going into more detail.

Anyway, the 0.267 difference in my best lap times is slightly over a quarter of a second!  Forty miles per hour is about 58-2/3 feet per second.  That equates to about 15.664 feet on the track (two and a half kart lengths? –  one kart is 70 inches long or 5 feet, 10 inches) on a straightaway.

Here is a list of my string of “good” lap times:
Lap 19 – 24.56
Lap 20 – 24.45
Lap 21 – 24.40 – best lap
Lap 22 – 24.71 – last lap of the race

The first three laps listed above were all better than my best lap time last Saturday.

Even though I finished third, I had a LOT of fun.  I started the race third and was on the second place driver’s rear the whole time until we hit lap traffic which I caught at the wrong place on the track (that’s racing).  The person we were lapping was not at fault in any way.  I knew I was faster than the second place driver (unsure about the first place driver since I wasn’t close enough), but also knew I probably wasn’t going to be able to pass him cleanly.  I take a lot of pride in making my passes as cleanly as possible and driving in a gentlemanly, sportsman-like manner.  First and second place traded places a couple of times, but we all finished in the same positions we started.  I was very satisfied to find out I turned the fastest lap in the race.  The first place driver turned a best lap time of 24.509 seconds and the second place driver turned a best lap time of 24.717 seconds.  Remember those guys are regulars who frequent the track and probably have at least a hundred plus laps on that track config.  Actually, I think that was my fifth time driving that layout, so I probably have about a hundred laps on it.  But I’m fairly confident they’ve logged a lot more laps than I have.  The first place finisher had his own helmet.  The second place finisher had his own helmet and driving suit.  Then again, I have my own helmet and gloves too!

I was very proud that Tim, Kenny, and Kevin all had best lap times in the 25 second range!  On Saturday, one of them had a 25.907, another a 26.296, and the other a 27.334.  The track record is a 22.6xx.  The hardcore regulars (hundreds of laps of experience) at Dromo One can turn high 22’s and low 23’s (not always in an “Arrive & Drive” 15-minute race format.  It’s a lot easier to turn good lap times in an endurance race when the driver is in his or her rhythm/zone and the kart and track are up to temperature).  I’m not quite familiar with the track and karts enough to be there, but I hope I will eventually dip into the 23-second range.  As long as I improve a little every time, I’ll be totally happy!

Here’s a good one for ya’ll!

For those of you who drive on the 210 Freeway, East of the 605 regularly, is it just me or is there a funky smell usually around the Vernon Ave. exit?  I’ve been wondering this for the last two and a half years.  I figure that it’s about time I know what’s going on there!  Is there some sort of plant or facility there that releases the foul odor into the air?

Now that I’m on my “self-imposed” vacation as Melanie Chow calls it (I saw her when I went to the Chow residence to pick up Evan Wong (Xanga: ewokhi) for dinner last Sunday night.  Yes, folks, two Wongs always make a right!  I took him to the Original Tommy’s ( on Rampart and Beverly in Los Angeles.  He and the Chows (Bruce, Melanie, and Chloe) are currently in Brazil on a mission trip there through Japanese Evangelical Missinary Society (, I’m planning on feeding my karting addiction as much as possible.  Tim Seargeant also seems to be hooked as well!  Anyway, please let me know if you would like to go and I’m there!  As for you young ‘uns, those under 18 years old, I can sign for you guys and gals now too (at Dromo 1 for sure…I don’t know about other places)!  My seniors from 2005 or this year can still take me up on my offer to treat you guys and gals to a free race as your “graduation present.”  It’s not as eternal or cool as the Bibles and other excellent books Hanley (Xanga: randomranting), Tony, and Jerry (Xanga: scaryhairyjerry) may provide ya’ll, but hey, it’s what floats my boat and hopefully your’s as well!

I also plan on going to Adams Kart Track in Riverside, CA sometime during my vacation as well!  I hear it’s better than Dromo 1!  Again, if you want to go, please let me know!

Speaking of the Original Tommy’s, how many of you out there would agree with me that if there’s a chain of a particular eatery and you knew where the original, first location of it existed, why would you go to any of the other branches?!  I don’t care if the others are closer, it’s all about the OG location!!!

My two finest examples are:
– Original Tommy’s on Rampart and Beverly in Los Angeles, CA
– Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles on Pico, a block West of La Brea

The second “Halftime” of the summer was held last night at the Wong residence (Uncle Joe and Auntie Denise, no relation that I know of).  While I was helping with the cleanup effort, Auntie Denise was kind enough to say that when all of us kids are over, it’s like we’re all her sons.  I think it’d be great if I’d be able to say that one day as well!  Well, there are already some kids at church that I hope my own kids will be like!

My highlight of the evening came when Jaclyn (Xanga: jac929lyn) was drawing people’s faces on the white board.  She drew her wonderful rendition of Jonathan Ng’s (Xanga: j0nathankng) mug for all of us to see.  Then, Hanley arrived and asked, “Is that Jon?!” and burst into laughter.  We all burst into laughter as well!

I had my interview at American Honda this morning.  I left Monterey Park around 8:11 AM PDT and took the 60 West to the 710 South to the 91 West to the 110 South and exited at the Torrance Blvd. exit.  Traffic was extremely light so I’m guessing a lot of people are on vacation.  I think the interview went well and they said they’ll definitely get back to me before I’m scheduled to start my other job at Sierra Acura.  Nothing says it better than, “Praise the Lord!”

My interview was scheduled for 9:30 AM and I got to the American Honda campus (to say it’s nice would be an understatement) around 8:45 to 8:50 AM.  I spent a little time in “The Good Book” (God’s Word, the Holy Bible for some of you who aren’t as familiar with Christianese) and prayer.  Have you ever wrestled with praying for something you really wanted yet at the same time are ultimately praying for God’s will to be done?  Sometimes it seems like they can’t co-exist with one another.  Other times, it seems like there isn’t anything wrong with that.  Perhaps this is what you could call an antinomy ( – antinomy, my Class of 2005 church seniors should be able to remember me mentioning this word when I tried to teach on Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God (J.I. Packer))?

Psalm 37:4 (ESV) says:

Delight yourself in the LORD,
   and He will give you the desires of your heart.

So that’s where I stand right now.  I totally recognize that God is in control and I want His perfect will to be done.  After all, I interviewed for a similar position at Nissan North America in August 2004 that I thought I would be a good fit for and didn’t get after I went two rounds deep.  Lo and behold, it was announced a few months ago that Nissan North America is moving to Tennessee this summer!  On a side note, praise God that Jaclyn’s (Xanga: jac929lyn) dad, Uncle Daniel (one of the many men I look up to at our church…I don’t mind the fact that he and Auntie Michelle are UCLA alumni…I don’t mind too much that is! j/k), who is an employee of Nissan North America secured a job that will start after their family vacation in August!

My highlight of the my interview adventure was walking into the building at 9:14 AM and signing in at the receptionist’s desk.  My contact who arranged the interview for me there met me there before the receptionist even paged her.  That wasn’t really the highlight though.  The highlight was what was next to the receptionist’s desk.  Seated on a stand to my right, I noticed a Honda Indy V8 engine.

The 1996 iteration of this engine in Jimmy Vasser’s Target Chip Ganassi Racing Reynard/Honda on Firestone tires

Big deal you say?  It’s a BIG deal!  That 2.65 liter turbocharged V8 powered Jimmy Vasser (1996), Alex Zanardi (1997-1998), Juan Pablo Montoya (1999), and Gil de Ferran (2000-2001) to six straight CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) driver’s championships and the CART manufacturer’s championship in 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2001.  In its heyday, this engine made about 900 hp at 17,000+ RPM using 40 inches Hg of boost from a Garrett turbocharger.

After the 2002 CART season, Honda Performance Development (HPD) pulled out of CART for the Indy Racing League (Indy Racing League).  In 2004, Honda won the Indy 500 (Buddy Rice), the driver’s championship (Tony Kanaan), and the manufacturer’s championship.  In addition, they also powered the 2004 Rookie of the Year, Kosuke Matsuura.  In 2005, they won the Indy 500 and driver’s championship (Dan Wheldon), manufacturer’s championship, and again powered the Rookie of the Year (Danica Patrick).  I took a few photos of it with my camera phone, but I don’t think I have the ability to e-mail them to myself through the plan my family has with T-mobile.

Gil de Ferran on the streets of Surfer’s Paradise in Queensland, Australia in 2000 (No, I do not endorse smoking in any way!)

I officially ended my tenure at Pacific BMW yesterday (Friday, June 30, 2006).  I was a little sad to leave some of the people I had become friends with over the last two and a half years.  But I’m looking forward to seeing what great (not in our worldly sense) and glorious things God has in store for me next!

Speaking of which, I received another call from my contact at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. to go in for an interview in Torrance on Monday morning at 9:30 AM PDT.  Here’s to God opening or shutting this door as He would please.  Of course, I’m praying for the former, but ultimately it’s all about His will being done.  I’m really excited about this possibility and get more excited the more I think about it!

The Impossible Dream (2005 Honda UK TV ad)

Last (Friday) night, we had our monthly Unikoi high school fellowship staff meeting at Thea’s (Xanga: SeeYaThea) home.  They also turned it into a semi-belated birthday party for Alex Kwan (Xanga: TenThousandPoetWarriors, June 10) and me and farewell party for Annie who will be going to school on the east coast in the fall.  Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate!

We played a 4-5 games of Mafia after all the hoopla.  Friends, when you’re dead, you’re dead.  That’s the way the game should be played.  Let me just say that the townspeople did some rather interesting things in a couple of games.  I was a mafioso in one game together with Lawton and it should have been Tiff Lew too but she was given the wrong card.  I think if we had all three of us, we could’ve run the table and won.  There was another game where Tiff was supposed to be a mafioso(a?) but her partner didn’t even realize that he or she was also a mafioso.  So she missed out on that.  It’s also easy to eliminate Annie (Xanga: banannie119) when she’s a mafioso.  I guess she’s not too smooth of a criminal.  I enjoy playing the most with Hanley (Xanga: randomranting) and Leslie (Xanga: BreadPlease).  I always have a great time playing with them!  Hanley’s reasoning skills, while not always 100% accurate, are still head and shoulders above others’ in my own opinion.  Leslie says she doesn’t play well, but I think she’s a terrific player!

Call me weird (not too soon though), but I really like playing as a townsperson, sometimes more than an inherent major role player because the last group of people have to “work” to play the game.  I used to mind getting killed off early, but now I don’t anymore because my death allows me to see everything going on for the remaining duration of that game.  We had an intense game to close the night.  The pivotal moment of the game came when there were six of us left (1 mafioso remaining).  Leslie did a fantastic job as the doctor throughout the game because she saved Tiff Lee, Aaron Lee, and herself up to that point.  They were three of the six remaining.  The others were Jason Lee (Xanga: lilk1d777), Justin Chan (Xanga: gon1122), and me.  Knowing I was a plain jane townsperson, I was trying everything I could to get Leslie, Aaron, and Tiff to believe I wasn’t a goomba. Since Leslie I had saved each of the three of them including herself, they all knew they weren’t a part of the mafia.  The town killed off Annie earlier in the game about midway through.  The sheriff, Edwin Fung (Xanga: DEAD_ED_WALKING) was killed in the very first round.  Which Justin first and then I correctly figured out about 3-4 rounds into the game.  On a side note, one of the earlier games featured Edwin and Leslie (brother and sister) plus Annie as the mafia members.  Needless to say, Anna was figured out pretty easily.  The Fung connection took a little bit of time to figure out before they got sniffed out.  Back to the last game of the night, Leslie, Tiff, and Aaron didn’t know who to believe.  I knew if they killed me off (which I offered the town to do to me early in the game since I believed I was expendable.  I believe all townspeople are early in the game.  By eliminating them, you also have a chance of somewhat increasing your odds at finding out who is working for the mafia.) at this point in time, they’d give the remaining mafioso an excellent chance at winning the game.  I pulled out all the stops trying to convince the three that I was not a mafioso.  I tried to even buy them saying I would pay them $20 each if I was lying to them. I had to up the ante later on to $100 each if I lying.  Jason and Justin did a great job trying to convince the three as well!  Since I knew I was 100% innocent, I knew it was one of those two but couldn’t convince the three that was the case.  Tiff kind of believed me because I had accidentally forgotten a hit was made on her earlier in the game when I accused her or Annie of being a mafia member.  The money I offered also talked to her as well!  Leslie and Aaron were still pretty unsure of who it was.  They finally decided to give voting Justin off (sorry!) a shot (I was surprised he didn’t put up more of a fight like I did since he was innocent.  Since Justin play as a mafioso earlier in the night convinced me he’s a pretty good player as well!) to keep the game going.  The next night came and went and Leslie healed the correct person again (herself?)!  So now we were left with “The 3” and Jason and me.  I told them that they can kill off either one of us and still be in good shape since if they killed the wrong person, the mafia could reduce them to two and still be all right because that would mean there were the two of them to only one mafioso remaining.  So they finally voted for Jason, and we the village people won!  If they had killed me off, I think I would’ve run to another room of the house and gone (almost) nuts!  That was the most fun I’ve had playing Mafia in a while.  The other time, if I remember correctly, was when Leslie and I won as the mafia at Jerry’s house sometime last year.  I also won as the mafia one time with Karen Jeng during my junior year at USC too.

Today, I popped into a meeting at church for a little bit at 9 AM.  I helped setup chairs with Raymond and Brandon Chau in the MAC after that was done.  I don’t know why, but why don’t we have a team of like 15-20 people or so (on a rotation maybe) that sets up the chairs every Saturday.  It would make everything happen much more quickly!  I guess it just makes too much sense for us to do it!  I spent about half an hour helping Raymond and Brandon who were about halfway through the setup process when I dropped in.

Afterward, I went to Pantera Park (man, Diamond Bar and Walnut, a.k.a. suburbia, have some NICE parks!) to partake in Erwin’s 7th Annual BBQ/Picnic.  It was a very nice surprise to see Eric Lo, Karen Lo’s (from USC’s AACF) brother, there!  I had a great time there throwing the ol’ baseball around with Kenny Chin (Xanga: PresidentKennytheGreat) and Tim Seargeant.  Kenny and I also took a few swings at each other’s pitches before Tim came.

Tim came along after he called me while I was about to start throwing to Kenny asking me if I wanted to go to Dromo 1 today.  It was something that we had been trying to setup for a while.  The last time I went with Tim, I received my first ever black flag there because they thought I was driving too roughly trying to pass the slower guy in front of me who was in second place even though I had fourth place behind me and bumping me (that guy behind me received no penalty and finished the race in second place–a finish I thought was rightfully mine.).  Since the last time we went, the track had been changed and I had driven that layout three previous times, the last time being with Alex Ho (Xanga: Alex115), Anderson Chen (Xanga: nd627br – a happy birthday again to Anderson who joined me at 25 a day later!), and Brent Chun and his dad, Bill.

Tim did a great job rounding up people and we were able to head down to Dromo1 ( with nine soon-to-be karters including ourselves (Tim and me)!  Those who drove were Tim, Stacey (Xanga: spagetystwauce), Ali Seargeant (Tim’s younger, middle sister), Tyrone Li (Xanga: AznLzyGuy), Tiff Lew, Kevin Chin (Xanga: number7436), Kenny Chin, Chris Lui, and me.  They were all first-timers except for Tim.  Now that I am 25, I was allowed to sign as a guardian for those who are under 18 years old!  I said I was their church counselor!  LOL!  It’s funny only because it’s true!  That’s probably not something they hear often anyway.  All of them did a fine job!  My best lap time of the day came on my last lap – 24.672 seconds.  I think my best lap when I went with Alex and Andy was a 24.7xx.  If I was faster last time, I think that means I need to go again and get my act together!  LOL!  I think we all had a great time there!  I’m trying to get more people at church addicting.  Hopefully, this is only the beginning!