Sedan silliness

While I believe every person should be allowed to do what he or she wants to do to his or her automobile, I detest the things people do to bread-and-better family sedans.  As point-A to point-B people-movers, they were not designed with sporting intentions in mind.  What about cars such as the Toyota Camry SE you say?  No!  It’s still a Camry!  It’s not wrong to own a Camcord or any other typical mid-size family sedan.  I simply believe it’s wrong to modify one in such a disgusting way.

Current generation Toyota Camry

1998-2002 Honda Accord

2002 Toyota Camry on dubs (20-inch or more wheels for those who aren’t with the “lingo”)

Here’s a classic web site pointing out more ridiculous transgressions against the automobile.

What do you all out there think?

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6 responses to “Sedan silliness”

  1. heyjuke says :

    I embrace my riceyness… I know at least a couple nice Camry SEs (and their owners)

  2. IExcelsisDeo says :

    Hahaha, I find it really amusing… I guess it probably started off with teens driving the hand-me-down accords and camrys from mom and dad but wanted to look gangsta. Either that or it’s some homeboy who wants to look pimp but wants something roomier than an integra but can’t afford to put gas in a G-wagon.Either way, I get a good laugh myself when I see one of those…

  3. insaneyang says :

    You should see the Camry Hybrid that someone as at Northrop.  It has PURPLE FLAMES painted on the front of the car.

  4. udonoogen says :

    i’m going to buy a lip kit and dedicate it to you. 🙂 i was thinking about it the other day, actually. if it were a hundred bucks already painted, id take it off someone’s hands.

  5. atomicbombpinoy2 says :

    Just like a WRX. It wasn’t designed to be a sports car…so why do people fix it up? Please…next.

  6. jordansairshoes says :

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