Just in case you missed one of the greatest college football games ever – The 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona featuring the Boise State University Broncos and the Oklahoma University Sooners:

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  1. ewokhi says :

    Go Boise State! Go WAC!

  2. OSUBaller says :

    This game was freakin BRILLIANT!!

  3. Strikezone says :

    Truly an incredible game! I loved watching it.

  4. SportyABG says :

    That game was sooo crazy and awesome!! I was screaming at the end. I don’t think I’ve said “OH MY GOODNESS AHHHH!!” so many times before. Ok MAYBE last year’s championship game, but this year’s Fiesta’s excitement level was different. Who knew a WAC team had so many tricks up their sleeves?? And who knew Bob Stoops would fall for it?? I thought he was a ‘smart’ coach.

  5. scaryhairyjerry says :

    great to hear from you! wish i had more time to chat instead of just passing you in the church hallway, though.i missed the fiesta bowl, though i did watch cal’s bowl game. out here, all anyone can talk about are the other bears, of course!

  6. Anonymous says :

    We were at the Emerald Bowl and they put the bleachers on the field and so we were able to walk out on the field, pretty sweet eh? =)

  7. banannie119 says :

    what if it just says preview html and not ‘edit html’?

  8. banannie119 says :

    Ok Im a dork. As i started typing in the text box, the elusive “edit html” option magically appeared! I guess the preview html –> edit only when you have text in there.

  9. banannie119 says :

    no. no magic there. only pure skill and the sovereignty of God, kinda like in that basketball game yesterday… ooooooooo…

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