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No greater love than this

On Monday afternoon, I was really moved when I heard “This Man” by Jeremy Camp on KLOVE (www.klove.com).  I had heard it before but had never given what the song is about much thought.  I’m not a big Jeremy Camp fan either but the lyrics to many of his songs are pretty good.  The only “problem” I have with songs like these is that Jesus’ hands weren’t pierced–it was His wrists that were actually nailed.  I suppose I can let artistic license have this one.

What really moved me was asking myself if I would take Jesus’ place on the cross.  Part of me says I would because He means that much to me.  Another part of me says I would definitely wuss out.  A third part of me says I can’t because I shouldn’t get in the way of His mission to do the Father’s will and give up His life for those God has chosen to redeem.

This Man
by Jeremy Camp

In only a moment truth was seen
Revealed this mystery
The crown that showed no dignity He wore
And the King was placed for all the world to show disgrace
But only beauty flowed from this place

Would you take the place of this Man
Would you take the nails from His hands
Would you take the place of this Man
Would you take the nails from His hands

He held the weight of impurity
The Father would not see
The reasons had finally come to be to show
The depth of His grace flowed with every sin erased
He knew that this was why He came

Would you take the place of this Man
Would you take the nails from His hands
Would you take the place of this Man
Would you take the nails from His hands

And we just don’t know
The blood and water flowed
And in it all He shows
Just how much He cares

And the veil was torn
So we could have this open door
And all these things have finally been complete

Would you take the place of this Man
Would you take the nails from His hands
Would you take the place of this Man
Would you take the nails from His hands,
from His hands, from His hands, from His hands

On Monday night, our softball team won its championship game, 15-5 in the 5th inning (the mercy rule took effect when we scored our 15th run), to win the C+/C league winter season championship.  It took a little time to get things going after we gave up two runs in the top of the first inning.  It wasn’t until the bottom of the second we started to put the pedal to the medal.  I think we scored most of our runs with two outs in the bottom of the second and fourth innings.  I went 2-for-2 (2 singles to second base, the second was misplayed and I took second on the error) with a walk and three runs scored.  We’re off until April when the summer season starts.  Hopefully my left groin will be able to get to 100% with the time off.  I can run full speed on it now but it feels tight at times.

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been blogging more about the car and things related to it, it’s because my CarSpace blog, The Outside Line, is “featured” on the CarSpace Blogs page.  Because of that, I feel a little more “obligated” to write more blog entries.  I’ll usually write them here and copy the source code to my CarSpace blog.


Regarding the Associate Editor position I applied for at Edmunds, I was given my second assignment last Friday.  I have to write a review for the 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (No, I won’t get an opportunity to drive it.).  This is going to be used as my second sample in the application process.  The first one I wrote was a 2008 Nissan Maxima review (I didn’t get to drive that either.).  The SLR review is due on Friday.  I’ll plan on working on it tonight and Thursday night and submitting it on Friday morning.  If you would be interested in reading it and giving me criticism and feedback on it, please let me know.

Rocking, ranting, and rallying

Do we have any guitar heroes out there?  I LOVE the David Crowder Band!

God makes all the difference!  God changes everything!  God makes my whole existence (as a sinful man redeemed by Him) worth something so I sing…

La la la la
La la la la

Now it’s time for some random ranting!  Scroll down if you’re not interested in reading my two cents.

  • Extraordinarily-gifted Asian drivers
  • Drivers who don’t use their turn indicators
  • Slow drivers in the fast lane
  • Drivers behind you who expect you to 1) Proceed so that you would end up blocking an intersection 2) Turn right even though there’s a “No Right on Red” sign on the traffic light 3) Turn right without waiting for the pedestrians to cross the street first
  • Drivers who drive at night with only their Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) on
  • Drivers who drive regularly with their high beam headlights on
  • Drivers who drop their cigarette butts onto the streets/highways/freeways
  • Drivers who intentionally wait until the last moment to change lanes
  • Drivers talking and holding their cell phones in a way that it obviously affects their driving
  • And the list goes on!

From the streets to my Father’s house (it’s a big, big house…with lots and lots of room…a big, big table…with lots and lots of food…a big, big yard…where we can play football…a big, big house…it’s my Father’s house = great song, not necessarily Biblically accurate, though…you can watch the video here)

  • Irreverent worship – If a person doesn’t want to be in Sunday School or worship service, please leave.  I’d rather have the person leave and screw around outside than 1) adulterating the worship God is being given and 2) distracting others from worshiping God.  It (rhymes with kisses) me off that people are chatting with their friends, writing notes to each other (no, they’re not sermon notes), text messaging, and committing other acts of disservice to the God whom all should be honoring.  Playing DS during Sunday School and worship is BS!!!
  • If you see trash on the ground, please pick it up even though it’s not yours
  • Sometimes the liners in the trash cans at church fall into the can.  People then continue to throw their trash into the trash can without caring whether the trash goes into the liner or not.  Here’s an idea.  How about pulling the liner back up, wrapping it around the rim of the trash can, and then throwing your trash into the liner.  It’s not that hard.  Yeah.  You might get dirty.  Just wash your hands when you’re done.
  • This one is also garbage-related.  When the trash can is full, don’t keep putting trash into it.  Look for another trash can that isn’t full and place your trash in it.  It’s that simple, folks!

Rally Madness!

Subaru World Rally Team (SWRT) drivers Petter Solberg (Co-Driver: Phil Mills) and Chris Atkinson (Co-Driver: Stéphane Prévot) finished 5th and 3rd, respectively, in the opening Monte Carlo round of the 2008 FIA World Rally Championship.  The fifth-place result is Petter’s best-ever finish in the Rally Monte Carlo.  Chris’ third-place finish tied a career-best finish of third at the 2005 Rally Japan.  For those wondering, the SWRT is using an updated version of the Subaru Impreza WRC 2007 rally car for the first half of the season instead of the hatchback Subaru Impreza WRC 2008 rally car.  Markko Martin is testing the 2008 rally car for the team.  The Rally Sweden is this weekend.  You can follow the team’s progress at www.swrt.com.  After only one stage, Petter is in the lead by half a second!

Speaking of rallying, the New York Giants rallied to beat the New England Patriots last Sunday to win one of the greatest Super Bowl games ever!  The final outcome reminded me of the USC Trojans’ 2006 Rose Bowl defeat to the Texas Longhorns.  The Trojans had an amazing season featuring one of the greatest offenses ever in college history.  The Longhorns came in and knocked them off in one of the greatest college football games ever.

David Tyree’s catch pictured above kept the Giants’ game-winning drive alive.  After his TD catch put the Giants up 10-7, TV viewers may have seen him point upward and if I remember correctly, say, “All God!  All God!”  When asked about his amazing catch the next day, Tyree basically told ESPN that he is in awe of God.  You can watch the clip of his interview (2:40 long) below.

Keeping with the rallying and sports theme, our Edmunds coed softball team won our first round playoff game on Monday night.  We actually lost our last regular season game to finish the season 10-1.  Perhaps it was a good thing we lost.  Hopefully, we don’t end up like the New England Patriots!   We (#1 seed) were down to the #4 seed 9-2 after the top of the third inning (we were the home team).  Our offense came together in the bottom of the fourth and fifth innings to rally and retake the lead.  The #2 seed lost to the #3 seed in a close 13-12 game after our game.  We should fare well against the #3 seed as we beat them 5-2 in our regular season matchup.  Then again, that’s why we play the game!  We play for the championship on Monday night!

Soli Deo gloria!

Prayer for God’s delivery

Please pray for my co-worker, Jeff Hester, and his wife, Rebecca, tomorrow (Friday, October 12, 2007) as doctors perform a casesarian section to deliver their first child, Justin Jeffry (no, the middle name is not misspelled) Hester.  Jeff is a good friend from the Edmunds.com production department and also the shortstop of our Monday night softball team.  Thanks, everyone!

UPDATE: It’s a boy! LOL

Softball, Soccer, SCC, and September

Saturday Softball

Back on Saturday, August 18, 2007, I joined Anderson (Xanga: nd627br), Tiff (Xanga: wurpol), Steve Loo (Xanga: rice4krxst), and a few others to form a team that would play in the annual JEMS softball tournament (Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society – http://www.jems.org – a.k.a. the parent organization of Asian American Christian Fellowship – http://www.aacf.org).  Our team was appropriately named the “Perfect Strangers” because our team was made up of the three of us, Anderson’s cousin, Nelson, and six other people from another church(es) we had never played with before.

We won all three of our games that day (24-2, 13-0 (I think that was the score.  12-0 if I thought wrong.), and 9-3) to win the recreational division of the tournament.  I had an exceptional day from the pentagonal dish in that I never made an out when I was hitting all day.  I had some hits that felt really good as soon as the bat made contact with the ball and hit a few balls that the other teams misplayed, one of them allowing me to have a “home run.”  As expected, the baserunning was hard on my left groin which was still not at 100% (and still isn’t, but hopefully will be before the Monday night league I play in starts up again on September 10th).

Team photo after our first game, a 24-2 victory

No longer Perfect Strangers after a 9-3 victory to win the recreational division of the tournament

Live Soccer Isn’t That Bad

I went with some of my co-workers on Thursday, August 23, to the Chivas USA vs. Los Angeles Galaxy game.  The Los Angeles Galaxy played horribly (they are currently 3-11).  David Beckham is so overrated.  It bugs me that so many people were at the game (ourselves included except for one of us who used to work for the Galaxy) just because of Beckham.  I think Landon Donovan is better player than David Beckham.  I give props to the Chivas USA fans for  the unwavering and passionate support of their team.  I was pretty impressed with the play and hustle of defenseman #2 Mike Randolph of the LA Galaxy–so much that I just looked up his information on lagalaxy.com.  He’s originally from Chino Hills for those of youreading from that area.

I need a little help here.  What is Herbalife?

I also think Edmunds.com should get some beach balls made with their logo printed on them so we can advertise our web site at baseball games and other events.

Santa Claus Steven Curtis Chapman is coming to town!

Steven Curtis Chapman, Sanctus Real, and Bethany Dillon (Ensenada 2005 mission trip veterans, remember the song with the words “You are all I need when I’m surrounded?”  If not, how could you forget?) are coming to Yorba Linda Friends Church on Sunday night, October 28, 2007.  I’ll be there!  Will you?  For concert information you can go to Transparent Productions’ web site (http://www.transparentproductions.com).

Steven’s new album, This Moment, comes out on Tuesday, October 23.  You can pre-order the new album at the following link.  By pre-ordering through that link, you will be e-mailed a link to an exclusive web page where you can listen to a streaming version of the entire album (Adobe Flash player is required) well before it even is out!  My favorite songs (so far) on the new album are “Children of God” and “With One Voice.”


For those of you who plan on attending the concert, you better start practicing so we can all sing together!  You can begin studying at http://www.itickets.com/scc.

September is here!

One of my favorite things about a new month is turning the page of my Subaru calendar.  I try not to see what the photos of each month are so I’ll be surprised every time I advance the page.  Subaru Rally Team USA photographer Lars Gange shot the awesome photo above.  This photo is featured as the August 2007 photo on the 2007 Subaru calendar..  It has definitely been my favorite calendar photo to date!  Look at the glow of the hot front brake discs on Travis Pastrana’s 2006 Rally America championship-winning Subaru Impreza WRX STI.  Since my calendar is at work, I haven’t advanced it to September yet.  Hopefully, September’s photo will be equally good!

Now that it’s September, college football is here!

The #1-ranked USC Trojans took care of business against the Idaho Vandals tonight (Saturday night) with a 38-10 victory at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  Vidal Hazelton made an amazing catch of a John David Booty pass for a touchdown tonight to put the Trojans up 21-0 at the time.  Above is a photo from NCAA Football ’08 for the PlayStation 3 (NCAA Football ’07 is a better game overall in my opinion; it just doesn’t have the eye candy and bells & whistles of the new game) of Vidal Hazelton making a one-handed TD grab in-between two Vandal defenders.

The greatest upset in college football history…ever!

The Appalachian State Mountaineers (2-time defending Division I-AA/FCS national champion) defeated the #5-ranked Michigan Wolverines (ESPN game recap) 34-32 in what may have been the greatest upset ever in college football.  This was the first time ever that a Division I-AA team has beaten an AP-ranked Division I-A team.

September baseball is back!

And with it, domination of the Los Angeles Dodger$ (Note: I believe I can justify using the $ symbol when referring to the Dodger$ because their payroll is greater than $100 million whereas San Diego’s isn’t close to that.) by the San Diego Padres has returned!  With tonight’s 7-0 win, the Padres retained first place in the National League West (they lead the Arizona Diamondbacks by .001 in winning percentage).  With his 16th victory of the season (best in the NL) tonight, Padre pitcher Jake Peavy improved his career record against the Dodger$ to 8-1.  The Pads now lead the season series, 9 to 5, reminding San Diegans and Los Angelenos alike that the Padres own the Dodger$ (the Padres won 13 out of 18 games last year).

Celebrate Good Times…

C’mon!  Let’s celebrate! j/k

Our brother Steve Loo (Xanga: rice4krxst) turned 27 years old yesterday (Monday).  Last year, we gave him a nice little surprise.  This year, we didn’t show our love for him in the same way (at least that I’m aware of).

No Honda Accords were hurt in the making of last year’s birthday surprise.

Seven in a row!

Team Edmunds won their seventh game in a row last (Monday) night (I don’t know the final score.  It was a lot to not enough.  I’ll post the score later. UPDATE: The final score was around 16-6.) to finish the season 9-3, which is good for 2nd place in our league.  I went 1-for-4 (reached on 2-base error by left center fielder – he wasn’t able to hold on to a sliding catch on a lazy fly ball (some people would count that as a base hit, but if the guy was faster, he would have had an easier catch), reached on an error by the second baseman, ground ball single up the middle, and reached on an error by the first baseman (I should have been out on a ground ball to second but the first baseman had his foot on the orange “run through” base instead of the white base)).  I think I scored three times.  The new season starts in early September and we will have the same team we’ve had together for our successful run this season.  Hopefully, the break will be enough time for me to heal up!!!

Please keep all the missionaries you know in prayer!

Sweet Inline-Six

I’m not talking about a BMW engine.  I’m talking softball.  Team Edmunds (co-ed) won their sixth game in a row on Monday night, 12-3, to improve their record to 8-3 with one game remaining.  The first place team won on Monday night so it looks like the best we’ll be able to finish is second with another victory Monday night.  If we lose, I believe we hold the tiebreaker over the current third-place team because we beat them two out of the three times we squared off.  I went 1-for-3 (grounded into a fielder’s choice to end the 2nd inning, hit a line single to right field, and reached on an error by the second baseman on a semi-tricky grounder I hit).

On the first at-bat, I really felt my pre-existing injury as I ran hard to first.  It’s hard not to run all-out because when you’re in the moment, it’s very hard not to give it your all.  Needless to say, it bugged me the rest of the night and today (Tuesday).  It will probably continue to nag until next Monday night.  I feel like I’m driving on a flat tire right now.  I’d say because of the injury, I’m 60-70% right now in terms of speed and mobility.


Saturday, July 28th – Irvine, CA


Main Stage

9:00 PM Third Day
7:25 PM MercyMe
5:25 PM Chris Tomlin & Francis Chan
4:05 PM Kutless
3:55 PM Star Fish Winner
3:00 PM Aaron Shust
2:00 PM Jessie Daniels

Edge Stage

8:15 PM Falling Up
6:45 PM Red
4:50 PM The Myriad
3:30 PM Needtobreathe
2:30 PM Deas Vail
1:30 PM Drew Bray

 Veggie Tales Kids’ Stage

7:30 PM Nazareth (Comedy)
5:30 PM Jana Alayra
4:05 PM Rob Biagi
3:00 PM Jana Alayra
2:00 PM Allison Kenyon

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
8808 Irvine Center Dr.,
Irvine, CA 92618
Once in the venue, may not exit and re-enter

No Food or Drinks.
No chairs, tables or barbecues!
No cameras or recording equipment!
No plastic containers!
No alcoholic beverages or coolers!
No Backpacks!
Children over 2 years old need a ticket.
Who wants to go?!  Please let me know ASAP!

Five Iron Frenzy

Almost!  “Five Aluminum Frenzy” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Our softball team won 21-5 today in 5 innings over the team we were tied for 2nd place going into the night.  Our fifth straight victory (season record 7-3)moved us into sole position of 2nd place.  I went to 2-for-2 (2 singles, 2 BBs, 3 runs scored).  We should be able to win our two remaining games.  To finish in first place, we would need the 1st place to lose both of their remaining games because they hold the tie-breaker over us, 2 games to 1.  I slid three times tonight to satisfy my “getting dirty” requirement.  I’m pretty sore right now though.  Previous injury is nagging a lot.

Praise & Potenzas

It’s time again to give thanks to the Lord, our God and King…His love endures forever (1 Chronicles 16:34,41; 2 Chronicles 5:13, 2 Chronicles 7:3,6; 2 Chronicles 20:21; Ezra 3:11; Psalm 100:5, Psalm 106:1; Psalm 107:1; and more)!

Softball – Team Edmunds co-ed softball team (now 6-3) won their fourth straight game on Monday night 17-14 over the top team in the league (7-2) in eight innings (one extra inning).  I went 1-for-4 (pop up to the pitcher, line single between the first and second basemen (sure felt nice to rope), groundout to the pitcher, and reached on an error on a hard groundball I hit back to the pitcher) with 2 runs scored.  The error I reached on occured as I led off the top of the 8th inning.  We had a 12-10 lead going into the bottom of the 7th, but were unable to hold the home team to less than two runs as the balls they hit seemed to find all the holes.  It was a good, fun game.  The only bad thing that happened was I didn’t have to slide at all and get dirty.  This team was the team I had my worst game ever against.  They hold the tiebreaker over us as they beat us twice and lost to us once.  I hadn’t joined the team yet the first time we played them.  Any progress my injury made toward recovery was thrown away by playing and running the bases (and also basketball on Sunday nights).  I probably won’t be 100% until a few weeks after the softball season is over (3 games remain in the season with playoff games afterward).

I had dinner with my wonderful, old (not in age…old in that I’ve known the person for almost nine years) friend, Talene Lee, tonight.  It’s always nice to catch up with people you don’t regularly see!

I missed most of tonight’s (Tuesday night) 2007 MLB All-Star Game.  Padre pitcher Jake Peavy pitched an okay, scoreless first inning for the National League team.  Padre pitcher Chris Young was credited with the loss thanks to an amazing inside-the-ballpark 2-run home run by Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners.  At least Padre pitcher Trevor Hoffman didn’t get rocked again this year.

Puttin’ on the Ritz…Potenzas

I threw some old shoes back on to Devoted Dan tonight.  It took me about 90 minutes to do it all myself which wasn’t too bad.  I then took him for a nice, “spirited” spin for about 20 minutes.



Why the change?  I can’t totally tell you all why I did it yet.  Let’s just say I felt I need to get a good feel for Dan’s capabilities again with “stock” all-season rubber (Bridgestone Potenza RE92 – 215/45R17…the tires that came off were Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R – 225/45R17 summer (read sticky/grippy) tires).

Here are a couple of hints:

Finally, Subaru has a new commercial that makes me want to drive!  Off the top of my mind, Mazda, Audi, and BMW have awesome commercials that have been evoking this feeling in me for years.

Subiesport magazine’s 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX preview

I spy STI!

Here’s another treat for you all!  The next-generation Subaru Impreza WRX STI has been spotted at the famed Nürburgring track in Germany.  Click on the photo or the link below to watch an exclusive video at Edmunds.com Inside Line.

Article and video here: http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/GeneralFuture/articleId=121620

Thou shalt not steal

Photo: ©2007 Dann Chen – Russell Martin gets “owned” breaking the eighth commandment in the 11th inning of the game played on June 30, 2007.  As a result, the Padres won by scoring two runs in the top of the next inning off Brett Tomko and Trevor Hoffman shut the Dodgers down in the bottom frame to produce a 3-1 victory.

The Los Angeles Dodgers: Property of the San Diego Padres

The Pads lead this year’s series 7-5.  Who wants to see the Swingin’ Friars rough up the (other) Blue Crew on Wednesday night, September 12, 2007?  I’ll be there!  Will you?

Like Used Winshield Wiper Inserts

Team Edmunds is streaking! We won our third game in a row, 12-4, to improve our record to 5-3.  I went 2-for-4 (lined out to 2nd base, reached on an error by the first baseman, line drive single to right center field, bloop single over 1st base) with 2 runs scored.  I satisfied my “must get dirty” requirement by getting thrown out at home in the top of the 7th inning because I took might sweet time running from 2nd base to home thinking I would easily score on the base hit.  My excuse (and I’m sticking to it) is that there was no 3rd base coach to notify me of the “developing situation.”  I could also say that I was missing a gear because I aggravated my left groin earlier in the game running hard.  I originally tweaked it flying around the basepaths on my “home run” two weeks ago.  I’ve had problems with it before as well.  I had fun out there and that’s all that matters!  We’ll have a break until July 9th which should give me time to recover.

Here’s something cool.  A 2007 United States Grand Prix Straightline blog entry I wrote just got posted on Inside Line.  Yes, it was edited from what I originally wrote–the main thing being I got over-excited and wrote too much.  Let’s see if this could be the start of something great.


We’re Talking Softball…

Team Edmunds’ co-ed softball team won tonight (Monday night) 22-5!  Granted the team we beat was winless, but it was a good win.  We generated some offense in the first few innings.  The first time we played this team, we had to rally in the bottom of the 6th inning.  I think I had a “good” 1-for-3 with 2 walks.  It’s hard to remember everything.  I walked in my first plate appearance.  Grounded into a fielder’s choice at my first at-bat.  I reached on an error the next time up and ended up at third base.  On the next at-bat, I think I hit an infield single.  It might have been an error by the second baseman now that I think about it.  If it was, I was 0-for-3.  The next plate appearance, I walked again.  I know I scored at least three times tonight.

Defensively, I only had one ball hit to me in right field (four outfielders) in the top of the 7th inning.  I almost made the most amazing “Web Gem” of my life and a short fly ball.  I came in hard and dove head-first (full extension) to try to basket-catch the ball.  I was sure I had it until I came to a stop on the ground and saw the ball squirt out.  If it was a baseball instead of a softball, I think it would’ve stayed in there.  Oh well.  :shrug:  I really wish I would have come up with that catch though!  My teammates said the impact with the ground was probably what caused it to squirt out.

I slid into 2nd base once (and covered the 2nd baseman in dirt doing so) and into 3rd base once to satisfy my need to get dirty.  I believe if you don’t get dirty, you’re probably not playing hard enough!

I’ve also been trying not to get anxious about the position I applied for.  There are two verses that have really helped me ever since I learned them in 11th grade – Philippians 4:6-7.

Philippians 4 (entire chapter – New American Standard Bible)

 6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

To all “my” dear former Sunday School students (Classes of 2005 and 2006) taking finals this week, I’m praying for ya’ll!