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Funk the Food & Fun Fair

I’m probably going to get some flak for this Xanga entry, but I’m not going to let the imminent onslaught keep me from telling it like it is.

Here’s some food (pun intended) for thought.

This summer, my church, First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut, is going to have its third annual Food (& Fun – new this year ) Fair to raise support (prayer and financial) for its short-term missionaries.  There isn’t anything wrong with that.  Right?

I submit to you that people shouldn’t need to be fed or entertained in order to gain their support in sharing the great news of Jesus Christ with those who don’t have a relationship with God the Father through Him.

I believe that all that needs to be done is for people going on missions to ask for people’s support via written form such as a letter or personally in the flesh.

Wining, dining, and entertaining people just reinforces the consumerism that is rampant within the church, particularly mine.  Church isn’t about the people first; it’s about God first.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ll still help out with things at the fair.  I’m obligated to.  After all, it’s for Jerry’s kids. j/k  I’ll sincerely help because I want to help my fellow laborers in Christ.

EDIT: I am *not* saying that God can’t use this fair for His good and His glory.  What I am suggesting is that the fair isn’t necessary to begin with.

What might help me the most and possibly lead me to retract from my position is to know the truth why the fair was started in 2006.  Was it a “ploy” to get people to give because short-term projects were in desperate need?  Or was it a genuine idea to inform people of short-term missions trips and ask for their support?

If that’s the case, why not have a missions fair without food and games?  I’m totally down with that!  People could learn about where the short-term missionaries are going and the people that they will be trying to minister to.

But if you want my prayer and financial support.  Don’t feed me and try to get me to play games.  Just ask me for it.  That’s the way it should be (in my opinion).

He must increase and we must decrease.  More of Him, less of us.

If you smel-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l what The Rock The LORD is cooking!

Not to us, O LORD, but to Your name be the glory.