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The sting of bling

At this year’s Los Angeles International Auto Show, there were some factory-modified vehicles that some brands prominently displayed.  Hear are a few of the atrocities my eyes (and camera) couldn’t resist.

2009 Ford Focus Coupe

Now, let’s compare the Focus above with the 2009 Ford Focus RS hatchback available in Europe.

2009 Toyota Venza

The 2009 Toyota Venza is Toyota’s all-new wagon/crossover born with an identity crisis.  For the most part, it’s basically a Camry Wagon.  On the other hand, it also shares components with the Highlander.  The sad thing is “dubs” (20-inch or larger diameter wheels) come standard on factory stock V6-powered Venzas.

Here’s what I think of all of these:

Next week, I’ll share some of my favorite vehicles featured at this year’s LA Auto Show.