Sail Among the Stars

Sail Among the Stars is the name of the first album of a young singer/songwriter named Kyle Lardner.  I met her at the end of March at the airport in Las Vegas.  I was waiting for my Southwest Airlines flight from Vegas to LA after I had flown the red-eye from Honolulu to Vegas.  When I got to the seats at the gate, I sat across from where she was sleeping hoping I could get some shut-eye as well.  A bit later she awoke from her slumber, stepped away, bought some breakfast, and returned.  While she was eating, I noticed she was left-handed like me.  That prompted me to initiate a conversation with her in which she shared about herself in a real down-to-earth manner.  It’s been cool to keep in touch with her here and there since then over Facebook.  I give her a lot of credit and admire and respect her for pursuing a dream career in music.

Kyle turned 21 yesterday.  I figured it’d be a good time to plug her music on my Xanga.  Before turning to music, she was quite a basketball player in high school and even played one year at the University of New Mexico.  To find out more about her, you can check out and  If anyone out there has some good connections in the music industry, you’re more than welcome to try to help her!

Below is the music video of her “Blanket” song.  Enjoy!

Here’s another clip of her appearing on a local NY television show – MSGNY TV Appearance

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