Headlight hooliganism

Don’t you hate it when people drive at night with their headlights…

  1. Set to the high beam setting for normal night driving
  2. Off
  3. Off and only the daytime running lights (DRLs) are on

My question for all of you in Xanga-land is:

How do people who are driving not notice any of the above?  If a person is driving at night in any of the above situations, it should be obvious that the road isn’t being adequately illuminated.

If drivers aren’t observant enough to notice these situations, perhaps they may be a risk to fellow motorists and pedestrians.

Does anyone have any ideas how we can combat this?  I will usually get behind the person and flash my high beams.  Half the time, people still don’t get a clue.  The other night, I saw a Lexus ES (I think) without its headlights on.  I moved in front of it and had to turn my blinkers on twice (the first time was unsuccessful so I tried again 10 seconds later) to get its driver to realize I was trying to tell him or her the headlights weren’t on.

We can say good-bye with hope

Please keep the Chapman family in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve the loss of their daughter, Maria Sue (pictured in her father’s arms).



She’s such a precious and beautiful child.  She will be missed until we see her in heaven.  God will use this accident for His good and His glory.

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