Street Fighter

Here are some photos of the on-track action from the Streets of Willow Springs.  Enjoy! :o)

The full gallery of photos can be seen here:

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

6 responses to “Street Fighter”

  1. sup_cuz says :

    that blue wrx loves that pink tape haha, thats a nice looking e46 m3 you’re following

  2. Alex115 says :

    Wow, looks fun.

  3. heyjuke says :

    i was also amused by the pink tape

  4. azngodluva says :

    Nice work environment! I guess.. you working at Edmunds and by the look of most of your entries.. you’re really into cars, huh? My brother would probably kill to be able to drive on tracks and that sort of thing that it seems you do for fun. And I really envy your work place. It looks so fun, bright and chill! True west coast mentality. haha.. It’s the total opposite over here. I don’t work in the world of cubicles like the comic, but even with large windows I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting life away in an office.

  5. gunnerman says :

    i’ll let you know when i plan to head up to the track as soon as the transmission is rebuilt. Do you know anyone who can help out? my friend who was going to help hasn’t been responding. have an awesome job…so jealous…wanna trade?? haha

  6. TheMountie says :

    i can see your lil asian eyes peeping through your helmet. i bet if you slap STi stickers all over, it’ll make your subbie faster!

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