Hybrid hype?

Are hybrids the real deal or overrated?  What say you?  I think a lot of this debate depends on how much driving is done by the vehicle’s owner(s).

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6 responses to “Hybrid hype?”

  1. Alex115 says :

    I think this argument is retarded. If they really wanted to compare the three, why not compare models with similar horsepower and etc? IE, to get the same HP output or close to what the Accord Hybrid made, You’d need the Legacy GT (try getting good mileage with that). Same with even the Camry. Even the Camry has more HP (combined) then the Legacy 2.5i. If fuel economy was that important to the consumer, why would they get fuel sapping AWD? The argument is heavily Subaru biased in that video. If they really were aiming to save money on Gas, alternatives to the Hybrid’s (btw, Honda killed theirs in favor of a Diesel to come) from Honda and Toyota, would be the regular 4 cyl models from Honda and Toyota. HA! Sorry, just had to burst your Subie bubble.Final note, another benefit from Hybrid Vehicles (the Accord withstanding because it isn’t a true hybrid) is the ability to stick it to the Oil Companies

  2. GodFollower4JC says :

    @Alex115 – LOL! Toyota now owns 16.5 percent of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Subaru’s parent company.

  3. Alex115 says :

    Yup, owning a company doesn’t neccessarily mean they’re a good company. You get to be the size of Toyota, and like Microsoft and Google, only thing you can do is start buying other companies instead of investing in R&D. Toyota doesn’t really have good AWD systems so it’s a plus on their part, and a bonus for Subie. But Subie on its own… wouldn’t have survived imo.

  4. deadkau says :

    couple of thoughts:1. i get an employee’s family discount, so the cost for our camry is about the same as the 2.5i.2. gas today is >50% more than in the dated comparison, so for the average owner, payback is sooner (~7 yrs)3. gas will continue to rise in price for the foreseeable future4. maintenance is cheaper (less brake wear, every 5,000 instead of 3,000)5. and an agreement with alex’s point about not comparing apples with orangesryc, sorry, but deedee in a padres uniform was several seasons ago. 🙂

  5. GodFollower4JC says :

    @deadkau – Other than #4 which I’m not clear on, those are excellent points, Ted. I don’t totally understand what you meant in point #4 about less brake wear (hybrids are heavier and would put more wear on the brakes I would think). Even a track nut like me won’t go through front brake pads in 3,000 miles. Were you referring to oil changes? I just threw that video out there to make people in general stop and think.Even though it was several seasons ago, I’d still rather see him as a swinging friar than sporting Dodger blue!

  6. deadkau says :

    sorry for not being clear, brake pads wear down much slower because much of the braking is not by the brake pads, but by the regenerative system. yes you are correct! the 3,000 miles refers to factory recommended oil changes.re uniforms, maybe next season. 🙂

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