David Crowder is my friend

He can be yours, too!  His Xanga is emprise34.  I submitted a friend request and he (or whoever manages his Xanga account) was kind enough to add me.

I took Francis Chow and Josh Chen to see the David Crowder Band and Tyrone Wells last Saturday night.  It was a pretty cool concert!  My arms got tired recording the DCB’s entire performance.

David mentioned that the band would be in the foyer after the concert for people to meet them.  I figured it would be cool to be selfish and try to meet them.  I mainly wanted to meet David and Bwack, the drummer (who I found out is left-handed).  When I met David, I just said I was grateful for what God has done through the band’s music, specifically how God helped me focus on Him through the song “Foreverandever Etc.”  I also mentioned I was at DC/LA 2000 which was one of their first major gigs.  He replied saying, “So you’ve been following us from the early days,” or something to that effect.  After that, I said, “Hi,” to Bwack and told him he rocked.

Here’s Tyrone Wells performing “Sea Breeze.”

If you end up watching some of the other clips I shot, you’ll hear me singing along as the DCB performs.  Warning: I don’t sound good at all in them.  But what really matters is I tried my best to praise God!

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3 responses to “David Crowder is my friend”

  1. LiLtO says :

    tyronne wells and my freshman RA are married

  2. GodFollower4JC says :

    @LiLtO – That’s the connection I was trying to remember! I knew you gals from USC AACF had some sort of connection to his wife.

  3. udonoogen says :

    i bought this mp3. 🙂

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