On the road again!

It’s so nice to be on the road again!  The car’s front suspension definitely needs to be aligned though!

Older photo shown above

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7 responses to “On the road again!”

  1. spagetystwauce says :

    the mkv at the track that you showed me is actually vf’s tuning car.

  2. JsprZ says :

    you have posted so much about the new STI (which i appreciate), i dont feel the need to see it =P what i need, is a test-drive! from what i’ve seen and read so far, i feel STI > EvoX.

  3. Space_Cowboy says :

    haha that’s why i’m left-handed! ’cause my papa’s left handed. it’s funny watching him eat with chopsticks. i use my right hand to hold chopsticks while he uses his left.

  4. spagetystwauce says :

    hey i have a question and hopefully you have an answer.when i bought my car i never recieved a vallet key and didnt know i was supposed to until a little while ago. vwoa said i need to contact my dealer cause they should have provided me with one. my quesiton is do i have to go to the same dealer that i bought it from (its in woodland hills) or can i go to any dealer to get it made?tia

  5. deadkau says :

    that’s one of my all time favorite shots. great form!

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