September 11, 2001 – We Will Never Forget

God bless the U.S.A.!

Am I the only one who is irked when people say, “nine-eleven?”  I think saying, “September 11th,” is more appropriate because making the extra effort to actually say the date helps me remember what happened that tragic day.  Perhaps it’s the legalist in me.  Six years later, there isn’t any doubt in my mind that God used what happened for His glory.

Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land
God bless the U.S.A.!


About USCTrojan4JC

God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

4 responses to “September 11, 2001 – We Will Never Forget”

  1. heyjuke says :

    well, there’s actually another September 11th tragedy that pre-dates 9/11, as depicted in the movie September Dawn… not as grievous but not insignificant either

  2. deadkau says :

    ryc, that’s too funny. i think padres = fathers = good. :)he’s been an angel, padre (last year), and now a retired dodger.i found out on the dodger website that they only disallow monopods and tripods, and pix must be for personal use only.

  3. scaryhairyjerry says :

    thanks for your encouragement and comments! so it sounds like you are enjoying your new job?

  4. Miss_Oblivion says :

    i’ll let you know the next time i’m in town.  all those pics look familiar location-wise?  i thought about you, but i didn’t have your number.  i’ll have to get that for any future visits.  *cheese!*

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