Softball, Soccer, SCC, and September

Saturday Softball

Back on Saturday, August 18, 2007, I joined Anderson (Xanga: nd627br), Tiff (Xanga: wurpol), Steve Loo (Xanga: rice4krxst), and a few others to form a team that would play in the annual JEMS softball tournament (Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society – – a.k.a. the parent organization of Asian American Christian Fellowship –  Our team was appropriately named the “Perfect Strangers” because our team was made up of the three of us, Anderson’s cousin, Nelson, and six other people from another church(es) we had never played with before.

We won all three of our games that day (24-2, 13-0 (I think that was the score.  12-0 if I thought wrong.), and 9-3) to win the recreational division of the tournament.  I had an exceptional day from the pentagonal dish in that I never made an out when I was hitting all day.  I had some hits that felt really good as soon as the bat made contact with the ball and hit a few balls that the other teams misplayed, one of them allowing me to have a “home run.”  As expected, the baserunning was hard on my left groin which was still not at 100% (and still isn’t, but hopefully will be before the Monday night league I play in starts up again on September 10th).

Team photo after our first game, a 24-2 victory

No longer Perfect Strangers after a 9-3 victory to win the recreational division of the tournament

Live Soccer Isn’t That Bad

I went with some of my co-workers on Thursday, August 23, to the Chivas USA vs. Los Angeles Galaxy game.  The Los Angeles Galaxy played horribly (they are currently 3-11).  David Beckham is so overrated.  It bugs me that so many people were at the game (ourselves included except for one of us who used to work for the Galaxy) just because of Beckham.  I think Landon Donovan is better player than David Beckham.  I give props to the Chivas USA fans for  the unwavering and passionate support of their team.  I was pretty impressed with the play and hustle of defenseman #2 Mike Randolph of the LA Galaxy–so much that I just looked up his information on  He’s originally from Chino Hills for those of youreading from that area.

I need a little help here.  What is Herbalife?

I also think should get some beach balls made with their logo printed on them so we can advertise our web site at baseball games and other events.

Santa Claus Steven Curtis Chapman is coming to town!

Steven Curtis Chapman, Sanctus Real, and Bethany Dillon (Ensenada 2005 mission trip veterans, remember the song with the words “You are all I need when I’m surrounded?”  If not, how could you forget?) are coming to Yorba Linda Friends Church on Sunday night, October 28, 2007.  I’ll be there!  Will you?  For concert information you can go to Transparent Productions’ web site (

Steven’s new album, This Moment, comes out on Tuesday, October 23.  You can pre-order the new album at the following link.  By pre-ordering through that link, you will be e-mailed a link to an exclusive web page where you can listen to a streaming version of the entire album (Adobe Flash player is required) well before it even is out!  My favorite songs (so far) on the new album are “Children of God” and “With One Voice.”

For those of you who plan on attending the concert, you better start practicing so we can all sing together!  You can begin studying at

September is here!

One of my favorite things about a new month is turning the page of my Subaru calendar.  I try not to see what the photos of each month are so I’ll be surprised every time I advance the page.  Subaru Rally Team USA photographer Lars Gange shot the awesome photo above.  This photo is featured as the August 2007 photo on the 2007 Subaru calendar..  It has definitely been my favorite calendar photo to date!  Look at the glow of the hot front brake discs on Travis Pastrana’s 2006 Rally America championship-winning Subaru Impreza WRX STI.  Since my calendar is at work, I haven’t advanced it to September yet.  Hopefully, September’s photo will be equally good!

Now that it’s September, college football is here!

The #1-ranked USC Trojans took care of business against the Idaho Vandals tonight (Saturday night) with a 38-10 victory at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  Vidal Hazelton made an amazing catch of a John David Booty pass for a touchdown tonight to put the Trojans up 21-0 at the time.  Above is a photo from NCAA Football ’08 for the PlayStation 3 (NCAA Football ’07 is a better game overall in my opinion; it just doesn’t have the eye candy and bells & whistles of the new game) of Vidal Hazelton making a one-handed TD grab in-between two Vandal defenders.

The greatest upset in college football history…ever!

The Appalachian State Mountaineers (2-time defending Division I-AA/FCS national champion) defeated the #5-ranked Michigan Wolverines (ESPN game recap) 34-32 in what may have been the greatest upset ever in college football.  This was the first time ever that a Division I-AA team has beaten an AP-ranked Division I-A team.

September baseball is back!

And with it, domination of the Los Angeles Dodger$ (Note: I believe I can justify using the $ symbol when referring to the Dodger$ because their payroll is greater than $100 million whereas San Diego’s isn’t close to that.) by the San Diego Padres has returned!  With tonight’s 7-0 win, the Padres retained first place in the National League West (they lead the Arizona Diamondbacks by .001 in winning percentage).  With his 16th victory of the season (best in the NL) tonight, Padre pitcher Jake Peavy improved his career record against the Dodger$ to 8-1.  The Pads now lead the season series, 9 to 5, reminding San Diegans and Los Angelenos alike that the Padres own the Dodger$ (the Padres won 13 out of 18 games last year).

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9 responses to “Softball, Soccer, SCC, and September”

  1. Strikezone says :

    Glad you guys had fun playing softball and did so well. I sure do miss it. Keep playing as long as you can.
    I’m shocked Michigan lost too. Amazing.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Perfect Strangers huh? Were you Cousin Balki or Cousin Larry? LOL

  3. deadkau says :

    congratulations!i can’t believe i read that your entire post. ;p

  4. udonoogen says :

    let me know if you can go to the SC game. i have several interested parties but will hold one for you. i must warn you that they are general admission and the crowd there can get rowdy. however, the last time i went to GA was at an SC game and ya’ll took over our GA section!! so you may be sitting among friends. the tennessee game was fun. we sat in a mixed station and the folks that flew over were all were very kind. i felt we were pretty evenly matched (superb offense, defense that could use work). our defense stepped it up a couple times though – stopping them at the goal line. despite the win, we have a lot of work to do before nov 10. =)

  5. Anonymous says :

    usc performance was pathetic. but the excitement of the season is great!

  6. tommy_boy_1 says :

    hey!!  those are homies from my church!  glad you guys won.
    herbalife is some pill that is supposed to give you energy, speed up metabolism, suppress appetite and help you lose weigh.  i heard it is not good for you. 

  7. ewokhi says :

    no mercy rule at the JEMS tournament?

  8. jton23 says :

    Agree on the Beckham/Galaxy commentary…they have a losing record as you say. Kind of the whole point of playing professional sports…to win…

  9. A1vinF0ng says :

    I went to the Arizona – SD game last Thursday at Petco.

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