Celebrate Good Times…

C’mon!  Let’s celebrate! j/k

Our brother Steve Loo (Xanga: rice4krxst) turned 27 years old yesterday (Monday).  Last year, we gave him a nice little surprise.  This year, we didn’t show our love for him in the same way (at least that I’m aware of).

No Honda Accords were hurt in the making of last year’s birthday surprise.

Seven in a row!

Team Edmunds won their seventh game in a row last (Monday) night (I don’t know the final score.  It was a lot to not enough.  I’ll post the score later. UPDATE: The final score was around 16-6.) to finish the season 9-3, which is good for 2nd place in our league.  I went 1-for-4 (reached on 2-base error by left center fielder – he wasn’t able to hold on to a sliding catch on a lazy fly ball (some people would count that as a base hit, but if the guy was faster, he would have had an easier catch), reached on an error by the second baseman, ground ball single up the middle, and reached on an error by the first baseman (I should have been out on a ground ball to second but the first baseman had his foot on the orange “run through” base instead of the white base)).  I think I scored three times.  The new season starts in early September and we will have the same team we’ve had together for our successful run this season.  Hopefully, the break will be enough time for me to heal up!!!

Please keep all the missionaries you know in prayer!

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3 responses to “Celebrate Good Times…”

  1. lakerfan4eva says :

    oh…..my…….gosh….. how long did that take u guysI knew Loren was devious

  2. wang1ess says :

    hahahahahaha that’s hilarious!

  3. SportyABG says :

    at least ya’ll were kind enough to cover his car up!! hahaha. 😀

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