Like Used Winshield Wiper Inserts

Team Edmunds is streaking! We won our third game in a row, 12-4, to improve our record to 5-3.  I went 2-for-4 (lined out to 2nd base, reached on an error by the first baseman, line drive single to right center field, bloop single over 1st base) with 2 runs scored.  I satisfied my “must get dirty” requirement by getting thrown out at home in the top of the 7th inning because I took might sweet time running from 2nd base to home thinking I would easily score on the base hit.  My excuse (and I’m sticking to it) is that there was no 3rd base coach to notify me of the “developing situation.”  I could also say that I was missing a gear because I aggravated my left groin earlier in the game running hard.  I originally tweaked it flying around the basepaths on my “home run” two weeks ago.  I’ve had problems with it before as well.  I had fun out there and that’s all that matters!  We’ll have a break until July 9th which should give me time to recover.

Here’s something cool.  A 2007 United States Grand Prix Straightline blog entry I wrote just got posted on Inside Line.  Yes, it was edited from what I originally wrote–the main thing being I got over-excited and wrote too much.  Let’s see if this could be the start of something great.

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4 responses to “Like Used Winshield Wiper Inserts”

  1. udonoogen says :

    wow totally cool!

  2. Anonymous says :

    Cool, but not as cool as my quote in the Detroit Free Press. You need to step up your game fella!

  3. deadkau says :

    congrats on your publication!!!

  4. Alex115 says :

    Awesome, congrats!

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