Rally Time!

What time is it?  Not game time.  Not tool time.  Not time to get a watch.  Not daytime or nighttime.  Tonight (Monday night) was rally time!

Brandon, this photo’s for you!

The Team Edmunds co-ed softball team rallied in the bottom of the 7th inning from three runs down to pull out the victory.  We are now 3-3!  I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to a softball game as I did tonight.  I wanted to make up for the crummy performance I had two weeks ago.  It felt like such a long time!  I was reunited with my old baseball/softball-playing self (I was going to say old self, but that would kind of sound like how I was before Christ became my Lord and Savior) and it felt so good!  I didn’t make any errors defensively.  Then again I only had two or three ground balls hit to me in right field.

I didn’t make any outs offensively.  I was “4-for-4” from the pentagonal dish tonight.  I use the quotes because I consider the first hit an error on a tough play the right-center fielder tried to make as he was running back for the ball I hit.  Some would call it a base hit for a 2-run home run though.  In my second at-bat, I hit a ground ball to the second baseman and beat the throw to first easily.  For at-bat #3, I lined a single by the pitcher into center which brought in a run if I remember correctly.

My fourth at-bat was during our last inning rally with one out and a baserunner at second base.  I swung at the first pitch and missed it.  I got a little worried fearing the previous game’s disappointment might be relived.  I swung at the next pitch and barely made contact with the ball which produced a dribbler in front of the plate.  Since both the catcher and pitcher were either caught off guard by it or hoping it would go foul, I easily beat the throw to first (more so than the infield single I got earlier).  The runner who was at second base advanced to third base.

Here’s how the rest of our rally played out.  The batter after me hit a ground ball to the second baseman and beat the play at first.  I slid into second base even though no throw was made there.  I just wanted to make sure any possible double play attempt would be as difficult as possible for the shortstop (baseball/softball is always more fun when you get dirty–something that can’t be done on a basketball court!).  The runner behind me and I scored when the next batter hit a double to tie the game.  He advanced to third base on the throw home and represented the go-ahead run at that time.  The next batter hit a bloop single that barely dropped in front of the left-center fielder and the rest is history!

Not only did it feel good to get over the mental hurdle of being in a funk, but the team rallied to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!  I’m already looking forward to next week.  Hopefully, a rally won’t be necessary for our team to win the game!

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2 responses to “Rally Time!”

  1. lilangeling says :

    as brief as it was, it was good seeing you again. ^^

  2. Anonymous says :

    haha, stupid rally monkey. We just won a game in our league with 8 players, haha, I almost got killed with a line drive at my face since I pitch, but my ninja reflexes kicked in.

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