Wedding bells ring…are you listening?

Congratulations to my friends Micah (Xanga: micahs22action) & Christie and Ryan & Elaine who are going to unite in holy matrimony for the rest of their Great Adventures!

Micah is currently serving as the youth minister of Chinese Presbyterian Church of Orange County.  I first met him during my junior year at USC when he visited our Asian American Christian Fellowship large group meeting to see his best friend since 6th grade, Jeff Ton (Xanga: jton23).

Micah and his bride, Christie:

Micah’s “Praise Solutions” video from the 2003 (I think) Asian American Christian Fellowship praise day:

Every time I hear the song “Our Love Is Loud” by The David Crowder Band, I think of Micah and this video he did!  I also suffered the worst injury in my life to date, a ruptured extensor tendon on my right pinky, in June 2003 when it was on the receiving end of his devastating volleyball spike-the block I attempted was successful though!

Ryan was one of my Bible Study Fellowship discussion leaders (the other was Ed Johnson) last year.

Ryan is the sharp-lookin’ fellow in front of me sportin’ the suit and name tag.

Praise God for His love and provision of awesome, godly women for these two brothers in Christ!

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2 responses to “Wedding bells ring…are you listening?”

  1. yEunGeEE says :

    i like how even thought your injury was severe,it doesnt sound like it is just because it was your pinky hahahai hope it heals fast!

  2. yEunGeEE says :

    oh sorryyeah i only use firefoxexplorer doesnt work for me on any of my or mac

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