From the worst softball game ever to the greatest T-shirt ever

Tonight, I was using Facebook when I saw a flyer for something that looked familiar.  I thought, “Hey!  That’s like Christi’s (Wong) T-shirt!  It looks similar to the one that I wanted to buy earlier!”  So being the materialistic person that I am, I went ahead and preordered one.  I think I’m almost as happy as when I bought my New American Standard John MacArthur Study Bible!  I can support two great causes with one shirt: 1) Jesus Christ, my LORD and Savior and 2) people going on overseas missions!  How awesome is that?!

Support overseas missions! 100% of the proceeds goes toward supporting overseas missions!

To purchase a shirt of your own or for more information, go to:

Happy 18th Birthday to David Wong!

Photo by Jaclyn Lim

What a manly man!

It’s been a pleasure seeing this young man grow before my very eyes from the boy who played warball/dodge ball on Friday nights in Royal Ambassadors to a man wanting to follow God’s call for his life.  I have been tremendously blessed and privileged to see him grow in the faith God’s given him.  Remember, folks, two Wongs (or more) always make a right!  Word to your mothers (and fathers, brothers, sisters, and anyone else)!

I got served…a slice of humble pie

It’s been hard to get that horrendous softball game out of my head.  I have to wait until June 4th to take the diamond again and get that bad taste out of my mouth.  I think perhaps God was trying to humble me because I think I can play baseball/softball decently well.  As a result, I changed my profile photo back to the stained glass window (the one and only) from church.  Not to me, but to God be all the glory (Psalm 115)!

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One response to “From the worst softball game ever to the greatest T-shirt ever”

  1. SportyABG says :

    just a game right Loren? don’t get too caught up in the defeat. 🙂
    that’s a REALLY cool tshirt! too bad it’s the wrong team. 😉

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