Worst game ever

My company’s co-ed softball team (2-3) got demolished tonight.  My performance out there certainly didn’t help.  I was 0-3 with 2 strikeouts (in slow-pitch starting with a 1 ball, 1 strike count!!!) and a walk in the bottom of the seventh inning with a run scored.  I grounded out to second base on my first at bat (I was pretty sure I beat the throw to first!) and left two runners stranded.  I think I left three or four runners stranded when I struck out too.

That’s not all, folks!  I played left field and had two errors on ground balls that took funky hops as I was running in to scoop them up.  I should’ve gotten my body in front of them instead of rushing to scoop them up.

Tonight’s game was definitely one to forget.  I am positive it was my worst game ever, including all the drubbings I participated in when I played high school baseball.

The conclusion I’ve come to is this–slow-pitch softball is harder than baseball–at least for me it is!  I have more reasons to support my conclusion, but it’s late enough already.

In other news, I’ve decided to apply for another position at Edmunds that is more entry-level and pays less.  Yes, I’m crazy, folks!  Car-crazy that is!  (By the way, we had a red 2007 Infiniti G37 Coupe in the parking structure when I got to work this morning.)  I first saw the job posting yesterday while I was looking at Inside Line (www.edmunds.com/insideline).

The position is in the Editorial department as a Vehicle Testing Assistant.  I already know the guy who was the Vehicle Testing Assistant because he is now the Manager of Vehicle Testing.  He actually was the one who gave me the okay to drive the company long-term Mitsubishi Outlander and Toyota FJ Cruiser.  The previous Manager of Vehicle Testing is now the News Editor.  I’m hoping this will be my way in to one day write about and evaluate (drive) vehicles.  The excellent thing about it is it doesn’t require a journalism, English, or engineering degree with formal writing experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my current job.  I’m sure I would love this one even more since it could be the first step in “chasing my (second) dream” of test driving vehicles!  Becoming a professional race car driver is pretty much out of the picture now.  Your prayers for God’s will to be done (not so much for me to get it) would be greatly appreciated!

From what I know, the Vehicle Testing Assistant helps the Vehicle Testing Coordinator issue vehicles everyday to the editorial staff.  This person also oversees the data acquisition for track testing.  Another thing this person has the “privilege” of doing is taking the long-term vehicles in for service at their respective dealerships.  Having worked in the service department of two dealerships in the past, I think this would help me.  I believe this person also interacts with different manufacturers to arrange the delivery and return of any press vehicles used for evalutation. 

Whoomp!  Here it is!


Vehicle Testing Assistant

This position is responsible for supporting the Vehicle Testing Coordinator in all facets of an extensive vehicle-test program, including scheduling, procurement, maintenance, measuring and instrumentation, track testing, information gathering, photo and video shoots, record keeping and article generation.


  • Assist with test-fleet calendar and vehicle assignments
  • Assist with picking up and dropping off test vehicles
  • Maintain test fleet in top condition
  • Manage equipment and supplies for instrumented track testing
  • Support photo and video shoots, including driving vehicles for camera
  • Interact with writers, editors, test team, vehicle handlers and manufacturers
  • Represent Edmunds professionally and effectively to the automotive industry


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • At least 3 years driving experience with a good driving record
  • Knowledge of and interest in automotive subjects and reporting for publication
  • Experience and interest in writing with a desire to develop journalism skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Strong work ethic, positive attitude, responsible conduct, team player

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

3 responses to “Worst game ever”

  1. heyjuke says :

    pay is temporary… promotions are forever! [play on pain is temporary, glory is forever] oftentimes, one of the best career moves is to sacrifice temporary benefits for future privileges

  2. spagetystwauce says :

    hahaha. suprisingly, no one said that (dibs on wheels, etc) =P

  3. Anonymous says :

    good luck with that!

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