God used the aftermath of the Columbine shooting for His glory (Cassie Bernall, Rachel Scott).

God used the aftermath of September 11, 2001 for His glory.

May God use the aftermath of yesterday’s (Monday’s) tragic shootings at Virginia Tech for His glory as well.

God causes all things to work for good for those who love Him, according to His purpose/will.

Romans 8

Who wants to go up to Buttonwillow Raceway with me next weekend?  I plan on driving up Friday night and staying at the nearby Motel 6.  I will drive back down to LA Saturday night after the track day is done.  I’d like to book the room soon so please let me know ASAP if you’re interested.

I went to Sunday night’s Dodger$ vs. Padres game where the Dodger$ won, 9-3, on Jackie Robinson Day (I will continue using the $ sign until the Dodger$’ payroll is over $100 million).  The First A.M.E. Church gospel choir sang “O Happy Day” and replaced every mention of “Jesus” with “Jackie.”  I’m tempted to e-mail the church.  Should I?  I would think someone in the choir should’ve said something about how wrong that was!

I will post at some other time about the degeneration of sports fans.  Many sports fans just have no class these days.

More YouTube goodness for ya’ll!

How Great Is Our God – Chris Tomlin (Psalm 104)

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6 responses to “”

  1. yutaka731 says :

    This may sound like a stupid question, but why would another person want to go all the way up to Buttonwillow? I’d go if we hit up a few Sonic’s.

  2. AznLzyGuy says :

    Man Dodger fans are that the Raiders dude and we didn’t even sat at right field!! Do it man..e-mail the church about it! Also you can say the same thing for your cubs and their 150 million dollar payroll $$$!!..hahah!! Then again Red Sox are second highest while the Evil Empire is the most Yank$ees!!

  3. VitalManhattan says :

    Good stuff, putting my song up on your xanga! haha

  4. spagetystwauce says :

    apparently “IM KILLING IT” is some kind of drifting slogan.

  5. Alex115 says :

    You mean the lack of class of wearing an opposing team’s colors in their stadium? hehe

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