Pressed but not crushed…

The Los Angeles Dodger$ walked all over the San Diego Padres tonight by a score of 9-1.  The Pads will get them back tomorrow and on Sunday (on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball)!

Pet Peeve – Clapping on the off-beat

People clapping on the off-beat drives me crazy!!!  What I really can’t figure out is how people can clap on the off-beat when drums are being played.  If they just matched the timing of the snare drum (in most cases), they’d be okay!  I’m sorry to say even members of our church’s choir were clapping on the off-beat during worship songs on Easter Sunday.  I thought those who are more musically-inclined/skilled would be a lot less likely to clap on the off-beat.  I obviously thought wrong.

My church’s grade for clapping on-beat (from A+ to F-) is a Z-!

This rant has been made in jest for the most part although clapping on the off-beats really bugs me…a lot!

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  1. VitalManhattan says :

    LOL thats hilirious i’ll keep that in mind =)

  2. wurpol says :

    i could be wrong… but i think “old school” claps on the “on beat” (i.e. the “marching” beat like in hymns) and we typically clap on the off-beat (to accent the music and accentuate flow). I suppose “off beat” and not THE off-beat could be what you meant. Or I could be completely mistaken.Anyhow… this also used to bother me a lot. It used to bother me so much that it would disturb my worship cuz I would end up so vexed that I couldn’t even pay attn. I think now I just tend to accept the fact that many of us have absolutely no beat whatsoever and clapping nevertheless is an act of all-out worship to Him. My pet peeve is when members of my family don’t put their toothbrush back in the holder. or when socks are balled up and come out of the dryer wet cuz they were in balls. Empty plastic bottles strewn across campus also bothers me. I have no idea why CSUF doesn’t have recycling bins anywhere on campus. I should get a bag and collect all the bottles I see lying on the floor on any given day. I’ll bet I could make at least 2-3 dollars in CRV. Hm. I should do that. Maybe I’ll try it on Tuesday or do an ongoing experiment to see how much money I could pick up off the floor.

  3. udonoogen says :

    i dont clap for this very reason. i distract myself.

  4. PresidentKennytheGreat says :

    MLB highlight of the day: roy halladay pitched 10 innings and a complete game for the win

  5. heyjuke says :

    claps are different in gospel music than in regular music

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