To go faster, first you must stop better

My friend and former co-worker from Pacific BMW, Hanh, helped me changed the front brake pads and bleed the brake fluid of the car this afternoon.  Replacing the front brake pads was actually easier than I thought it would be!  The awesome thing is that this will save me a considerable amount of money that would be spent on labor in the long run!  The new brakes pads that went in are a set of Ferodo DS2500 brake pads that have served me very well the last two times I went to Buttonwillow Raceway.

I meant to post this awhile ago, but never got around to doing it (there are a few other things I know I still need to post about).  On March 12, 2007, Leslie (Xanga: BreadPlease) mentioned she really enjoys watching videos on YouTube.  So do I!!!

What does it feel like to be filled with the Holy Spirit?  Your mileage may vary.  Here’s what I think it’s like to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  There’s just something about live worship and praise with thousands of people that’s so awesome!  When I watch these videos, I often get a feeling I can’t totally describe.  It’s like getting goosebumps, but totally not goosebumps.

David Crowder Band @ Harvest 2006

There Is No One Like You

O Praise Him

Harvest is also really important to me because God used it to bring me back to Him in August 2007.  As far as I’m concerned, it was when my relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ really took off.  My best friend Steve (Xanga: rice4krxst) accompanied me on to the field that evening that changed my life forever.

I also got this same “feeling” during our Good Friday service.  The songs weren’t really any of my favorites.  The execution of the praise & worship band wasn’t especially good in any way.  I was just overcome by what I think was the Holy Spirit.  I felt like I had a weird tingle in my arms, especially during “Amazing Love.”

Now this “feeling” isn’t something that I feel often. I’d say I experience it less than five times a year.  But when I do, it’s so awesome!  Sometimes it leaves me literally speechless that I can’t even sing along to the song.  When I am left speechless, I’m reminded of the song “Speechless” by Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore.  Its chorus says:

(And) I am speechless
I’m astonished and amazed
I am silenced by Your wondrous grace
You have raised me
You have saved me from the grave
I am speechless in Your presence now
I’m astounded as I consider how
You have shown us
A love that leaves us

There was also a time in the summer of 2001 when I was praying with a group in the Serve Folsom (as in the city Folsom, CA) project that I felt like someone placed their hand on my back while we were praying.  After we were done, I looked to see if anyone had been behind me and nobody was there.

Something else that is really dear to my heart is worshiping God through music in my car.  There in my car, I feel a freedom I don’t really find anywhere else.  After all, it’s my home away from home!  Seriously though, in my car I am free to sing, clap, and shout as my act of worship to God.  I really wish I could say I feel the same freedom at church, but I don’t.

It bugs me (probably because I’m a stickler on a lot of things) that we sing songs with words such as “stand”, “lift up our hands”, “bow down”, “dance”, and more while we just sing those words as if they’re just mere words and nothing more.  So if any of you reading this ever feel the same thing, “Don’t hold back!”  If you’re sitting and you sing the word “stand” and think and feel, “This isn’t right.”  Be compelled to break out of the mold and follow your heart and mind to give our great God the worship He alone is worthy of!

I invite you to stand and lift up your hands in front of your computer (not to worship the PC, but God (because we all know Macs are whack! j/k) or bow down and worship Him now in conjunction with this sweet video!

Holy Is the Lord – Chris Tomlin (Nehemiah 8:1-12; Isaiah 6)

So today’s question of the day is:

What does being filled with the Holy Spirit mean to you?

I’m sure there’s a wide range of ways you all can respond to this question.

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  1. heyjuke says :

    I can identify with you about not doing as the song says, but the actions alone are nothing compared to the things we’re actually singing about… now those are hard to live up to; we truly need to walk the talk.

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