The stiff arm: Not just a football move anymore.  Corey Maggette: Step aside, son!  Let the man come through!

I saw the driver of the Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Coupe I previously mentioned yesterday (Wednesday) during my morning commute and we exchanged customary waves!  I didn’t see him this (Thursday) morning because I went in to work early so I could take a long lunch to attend the “Beyond the Road” event at USC put on by a marketing class participating in Subaru’s Project Acceleration challenge for the second straight year.

SCoobys on SCampus!

Gallery can be viewed at: http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j121/USCTrojan4JC/04-12-2007%20Beyond%20the%20Road%20at%20USC/?start=all

Speaking of commuting, tonight when I left the office, there was still heavy traffic on the 10 East (it took me about an hour to get to Downtown LA from Santa Monica – it’s usually a quick shot if I leave the office at 7 PM or later).  I listened to KFWB 980 AM (and its “traffic on the ones”) for at least 40 minutes hoping to hear something about an accident or incident on the Santa Monica Freeway.  They didn’t say a thing about the heavier than usual congestion.  On one hand, there weren’t any accidents or incidents that should slow down traffic.  On the other hand, perhaps they think it’s okay to not say anything because they assume most people who use it regularly accept the congestion as a given.  Not cool KFWB!  Can anyone reading this relate?

Good idea…Poor execution

Has anyone seen the new 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer (not Evolution) commercial?  I must confess.  The car is styled quite aggressively and I like how it looks even though it represents “The Dark Side” (Mitsubishi Lancers and Subaru Imprezas are like UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans – don’t play well with each other! j/k).  In the commercial, two guys keep driving through freeway on- and off-ramps for fun because the car handles so well.  Good idea!  How is it poorly executed you ask?  Every right turn the car makes shows its occupants leaning to the left due to centrifugal force.  That’s supposed to happen you say?  If the driver and his passenger really knew what they were doing, they’d be leaning into the turns as demonstrated below.

Just leannnnn into it!

Getting back on track (pun intended), we had a Mitsubishi-supplied Lancer that looked just like the one in the phot above for evaluaion purposes last week and this week.  Inside Line (http://www.edmunds.com/insideline) Executive Editor Michael Jordan said, “The Lancer is a nice thing to be inside — the low cowl gives good visibility and it is just the right size.  It kind of leans hard on the outside front tire and lifts the rear — a kind of measure to compensate for its long wheelbase, yet feels very good.  And I agree, it looks very, very good.  The Evo X is pretty spectacular, despite the big grille.”

We haven’t published our Full Test of the new 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer yet, but you can keep checking Inside Line regularly to see when it does go live!  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll see some other things you like as well!

Ford Recalls More Than 500,000 Escapes for Engine-Fire Risk

Ford has some great names!  I like to say, “Driver Returns On Foot,” which is Ford backward.

Some other great ones:

  • Fix Or Repair Daily
  • First Out on Race Day
  • Found On the Road Dead

But it’s not just Ford’s name itself we can have some fun with!  They’ve had some great model names over the years.  My favorites include:

  • Ford Explorer, which became know as the “Exploder” to some after the Firestone tire chaos surrounding it.  Matt Quan (Xanga: mattyq) even survived a rollover in one (Firestone tires were not the cause of it)!

  • Ford Escape – If its engine catches on fire and you can’t escape from the vehicle, that would be tragic irony indeed.

  • Ford Flex – Basically Ford’s renamed Fairlane concept, you can almost guarantee Funkmaster Flex is going to get his hands (not that he needs to with the seemingly useless junk on the vehicle already)…and name on this one!  You can read Inside Line‘s article about the 2009 Ford Flex
  • Ford Five Hundred – For Model Year 2008, the Five Hundred becomes the “new” Ford Taurus.  What a sad way to resurrect a name.  At least Chevrolet’s 2009 Camaro will live up to its name well.

I better hit the sack!  Fight on (for ol’ JC) and God bless!

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  1. udonoogen says :

    i had an 86 ford tempo. i can totally relate to those acronyms.

  2. OSUBaller says :

    I once drove a 1990 Mercury Sable.  Mercury, is Ford’s bastard step-child.  Needless to say, worst car made in the history of the world. 

  3. VitalManhattan says :

    screw teh clippers. THey are not worthy of going to the playoffs!!!!hey how much is it to race on a straight away track?

  4. iAMC00L_andge says :

    no ! actually i missed the jayleno show ! i was awake & everything & then hannah was like haha relient k was on jay leno ! man i’m saddened. & no i’m going to go watch them tonight in LA (:

  5. JsprZ says :

    if you cover the front of the lancer in that photo, the door and rear panels look like an Acura TL.weren’t they going to come out with a Evo MR hatchback? that’s cool your work gets new cars to play with.when is your track event?..my brother might be interested in taking his car.

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