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For those of you who can hear music on this page, you’re listening to Geoff Moore’s rendition of “When I Get Where I’m Going” from his new album Speak to Me (Rocketown Records) that comes out this Tuesday!

From http://christian-music-interviews.suite101.com/article.cfm/geoff_moore

Geoff Moore


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Geoff Moore Interview - Photo Credit: Speak to Me

Geoff Moore’s legacy of 22 years of music ministry, and 16 albums, including the recent “Speak to Me,” gives his thoughts a certain legitimacy we were eager to hear.

Click here to read the full Suite review of Geoff Moore’s “Speak To Me.”

Suite: Geoff, your sense of calling comes across so prominently in your music. How essential is that to a Christian artist?

Geoff: Being a Christian artist is my job. Everybody’s job can be a ministry, but not everybody’s job is in full-time ministry. Because I feel like mine is, my calling is central to all I do in my music life. I have never believed that being a Christian who is a musician makes you a Christian artist. I have many friends and co-workers who are followers of Jesus that make a living in mainstream music. But, for me, I make Gospel music. Every song I write, sing or record in some way is about the “Good News.” I guess the older I get, the more I value every moment I have to make Jesus known and not miss a moment of what He has for me.

Suite: I love the mix of guest artists, writers, and covers on “Speak to Me.” How deliberate are your choices in deciding those things?

Geoff: A few of the choices are deliberate but most of them come, like so many great things in life, unexpectedly. I believe in artistic collaboration. For me, collaborating—whether it’s in songwriting, performing or producing—seems to almost always be more fun and more productive. In the case of Speak to Me, I write with a lot of different writers, but we never know which songs will end up on the album until the end. I am committed to recording songs that I love, whether I wrote them or not. So, in the case of the cover songs, I loved them and wanted to sing them. It was pretty much that simple. Christy Nockel’s involvement came about through our common connection with Rocketown, where Watermark recorded. Christy and Nathan sometimes lead worship at our church, and I am a long time fan. Could anyone have done a better job on “When I Get Where I’m Going”? I don’t think so.

I have also loved Kendall Payne’s music but had never met her. Dwayne Larring, who produced half of Speak to Me, goes to church with and lives near Kendall in Los Angeles. I heard a recording of a Dutch worship leader singing “He Knows My Name” on a Compassion International trip to Bolivia. He had a girl singing a duet with him, and I just loved the way they did it. Dwayne mentioned that Kendall lived right near the studio and was willing and happy to sing with me. And just like that, it happened. You can’t plan the coolest things.

Suite: What would you love to see the new album accomplish?

Geoff: I would love for the music to become a part of people’s lives. Sort of a soundtrack to their journey. I am so happy and moved when I hear people say that my songs have been a part of some special moment. I hope these new songs can do the same thing. And then remind them, and me, that God is interested and involved and loving us exactly as we are.

Suite: Do you have any secrets/suggestions for longevity in the Christian music field?

Geoff: No Doz have served me well!! Seriously, I think authenticity and honesty are the things that I’ve tried to stick to. It’s important to me to try and be myself. I’ve found that when I’m myself and write songs from a place of honesty, people seem to connect with them. I have always felt that what I get to do is a real gift and privilege. I still feel that way, I really do. Throw in a good dose of contentment and kindness, and I think you have a recipe for a long-term career.

Suite: Thanks for digging deep for our readers, Geoff, and for the great sounds. In appreciation, here’s an easy lob: your favorite moment of the past week?

Geoff: My favorite moment? Tonight I put Anna to bed, my 6-year-old Chinese daughter, and before she went to sleep we sang a duet of “He Knows My Name.” It will never sound any sweeter.

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  1. udonoogen says :

    the music unfortunately doesn’t work. im curious to see if/how he changed the lyrics to this song. i was wondering the other day while i was listening to the brad paisley/dolly parton version how accurate the interpretation of heaven was. i really like the song, though.

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