Something I forgot to mention in last night’s entry was that I’m also thankful to God that the current job God provided me is even better than the first one I interviewed for and didn’t get at!  The reason it’s “better” is I frequently e-mail the executives and a lot of other high up people within the organization.  With the other position, I probably would’ve been more of a “nobody.”  I’m guessing a lot of the people I’m e-mailing still don’t know who I am though, which is fine with me.  The other position would’ve been mostly data entry whereas I get to do a decent amount of reporting and analysis in my current position.  (God the) Father truly knows best!

Productivity will reach an all-time low in my office! j/k!

We got a newer version of the game above, a Lord of the Rings pinball machine, and a couple stand-up arcade games (Neo Geo on one (four games…the only one I’ve really played is Bust-A-Move) and Atari games on the other (a bunch like Pac-Man, Galaga, Missile Command, Dig Dug, Space Invaders, and some Donkey Kong games)) installed a few weeks ago.  They are all set to free play of course!  I played for foosball for about an hour and a half tonight after I was done with work!

I really wish we could get F355 Challenge for our game room!

Time for some rants and other random things…

Don’t you hate it when people toss their cigarette butts out of their automobiles?!  I usually flash my high beams at these people when I’m behind them.  Although I’m very far from calling myself an environmentalist (I’m not nuts about hybrids and alternative energy source vehicles because just about all of them have a performance trade-off), I can’t stand the fact that they think our roads are their trash can.

People who don’t use their turn signals and whose failure to do so result in me having to react behind the wheel in an abnormal way–very uncool.

Gas station prices…
Have you ever seen someone physically change the price on a gas station sign?  In my 25-plus years of life on God’s earth, I’ve never seen someone do it.

“I got bad gas!” – This is what I thought when I started to hear some pinging/knocking/detonation from my car’s engine in late January.  Even though I was using only 91 octane gasoline, I finally heard some regular pinging coming from the car’s engine.  In April 2005, I got a COBB AccessPort to flash the car’s ECU (electronics control unit) with a more powerful engine map that also addressed the fact that the factory programmed the ECU with a way too rich fuel mixture when transitioning from closed loop to open loop operation (bad because it could cause pinging which is bad for the engine).  I had never heard any real pinging until late January.  I try to only use Top Tier gasolines (, namely Shell and Chevron.  It seems both the Shell and Chevron gas stations on the corner of Golden Springs and Brea Canyon in Diamond Bar have tanker trucks that supply them with gasoline that don’t even have the brand names on them.

All gasolines are not the same.  That is a misconception some or many of you may have.  The gasoline itself is the same but each oil company adds different additives to the gasoline their stations sell (at least that’s what they supposedly do).  I thought maybe I got bad gas at the Shell station and starting using Chevron only again. I also filled up with 76/ConocoPhillips gasoline during that time with the same result.  I switched the engine map to a more conservative one for California/Arizona/Nevada gasoline which has helped a lot for this issue.  It is believed that gasoline sold during the winter season is usually lower quality than gasoline retailed at other times of the year.  We’ll see as I keep monitoring and listening to the engine to see how this all pans out.

People say the “darndest” things..
This actually happened when I went to the 76 gas station mentioned above.  I’m fueling the car when the guy who parked behind me to fuel his white 1992 Lexus LS400 (I figured the year off his license plate number which was 2Z…our family’s 1991 Chevy van was first registered in February 1992 and has a plate of 2Z…) says, “Is that USC for junior college?” referring to my license plate.  I told him it stood for, “USC for Jesus Christ.”  I hope he felt like a tool after that.  Then, he goes on to tell me that he was a UCLA graduate.  I thought, “Good for you.  So what?”  He must’ve be a baller since he has a 1992 Lexus LS400.  It’s not a big deal I guess.  Anyway, I apologize if this rubs any Bruin readers of this entry the wrong way.  This is not what I think of all of you.  This is just what I thought about that one particular individual based off one single experience.

Some of you in Xanga-land may wonder why I like to wear caps a lot.

Here’s why:

  • I don’t like to do my hair
  • I like to sag the bill of the cap low so I can see what’s going on, but others can’t necessarily see that I’m looking or know what’s going on around me

Now for some entertainment!

Christian vs. Christ Follower videos (parody of Mac vs. PC commercials) – they’ve been out for a few months but I just saw them for the first time tonight…I don’t totally agree with everything said, but these are just for fun!  These videos were made by Community Christian Church (

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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  1. DEAD_ED_WALKING says :

    nice work atmosphere; do people get sidetracked?

  2. gunnerman says :

    winter gas isn’t bad it’s just that in the summer months the gas is given an oxygenating additive to reduce cold-start emission. So basically more oxygen in the gas+ more power…cali gas stinks 91 is crap. all the evo guys on the forums complain about cali gas because they dont get as much power as the guy using 93…just thought i’d clear the air a little..since we live in cali, if i were you i’d just a more conservative tune on the street to protect your engine. stock turbocharged engine are designed with a margin of safety in mind. the extra gas, or running the engine rich in the upper rpms, is meant to cool the pistons and give you a margin of error, or eg to protect the engine from pinging. the map you were using was probably designed for 93 oct or higher gas. higher oct gas prevent pre-detetenation or “pinging:…..any time you want to talk cars let me much fun..haha

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