“Subaru” is in the Bible!

Well, kind of…

Amos 5:8 (New American Standard Bible)

    8 He who made the Pleiades and Orion
         And changes deep darkness into morning,
         Who also darkens day into night,
         Who calls for the waters of the sea
         And pours them out on the surface of the earth,
         The LORD is His name.

Here’s how Subaru relates to this.

From http://www.subaru-global.com/origin_name.html:

The first president of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), Kenji Kita, had some definite opinions on the subject of automobiles. “If you’re going to build a car, build a full-fledged car.” “Japanese cars should have Japanese names.” Mr. Kita was ardent about producing passenger cars and was the most passionate of all about the 1954 prototype of the Company’s first passenger car, the P-1.

Mr. Kita canvassed the Company for suggestions about naming the P-1, but none of the proposals were appealing. In the end, Mr. Kita gave the car a beautiful Japanese name that he had been quietly cherishing in his heart — Subaru.

Subaru is the name of a star cluster in the Taurus constellation. Six of its stars are visible to the naked eye, but about 250 bluish stars can be seen if one uses a telescope.

In the West, the cluster is called Pleiades, in China, Mao, and in Japan, Subaru (“to govern” or “gather together”). In Japan, it also goes by the name Mutsuraboshi (“Six Stars”), under which title it appears frequently in very old Japanese documents such as Kojiki and Manyosyu and literature such as Makura-no-soshi. Clearly, this is one of the clusters much loved by the Japanese from ancient times. Interestingly enough, FHI was created by the merger of six companies, so you can see what a truly evocative name Subaru is.

Smoke on the Water – 2008 Dodge Avenger

I had a huge smile on my face the first time I saw and heard this commercial set to a Deep Purple classic (edit: updated thanks to Brentilicious)! 

Edmunds.com Inside Line‘s First Drive of the 2008 Dodge Avenger – http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drives/FirstDrives/articleId=49545

Work is going really well!  I totally praise God for the job He’s given me!  The time just flies right by!  I was supposed to have my 90-day review last week, but because my whole group is pretty much always busy, I haven’t had it with my manager yet.  I joked with my manager today over AIM that it’s cool if we don’t get to my review right away as long as I get to keep working at Edmunds.  He basically replied, “Oh ya…for sure!”  He’s says we’re (a guy (fellow lefty too) started the week after me also as an Associate Business Analyst) doing a great job!

I’ve made friends with a good number of the Editorial staff which has been the coolest thing about working at Edmunds!  Some of the people I’ve met used to write for Car & Driver, Automobile Magazine, Motor Trend, Sport Compact Car, Super Street Magazine, and more.  It’s really cool being able to see that the people who wrote articles on Inside Line before I got my job at Edmunds are pretty much normal people.  The coolest thing is I spoke to the Editor-in-Chief of Inside Line a few Fridays ago and now I am scheduled to go with some Inside Line people later this month to observe them carry out some testing!!!

Most of my church’s (First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut – www.fcbcwalnut.org (gotta get the shameless plug in)) pastoral staff will be attending The Shepherd’s Conference this week at Grace Community Church (www.gracechurch.org).  Please keep them in prayer!

Romans 11:33-36 (NASB – link is for the whole chapter of Romans 11 on BibleGateway.com) was covered tonight in Bible Study Fellowship.  This passage always reminds me of the song “God Is God” on Steven Curtis Chapman’s Declaration album (©2001 Sparrow Records).

 33 Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways!



 36 For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.

From www.hughchou.org/ccm

God Is God
Written by Steven Curtis Chapman
From the recording: Declaration, Track #5.

Rom. 11: 33-36; Psalm 8:3-4; 95:3-6; 103:13-22

And the pain falls like a curtain
On the things I once called certain
And I have to say the words I fear the most
I just don’t know

And the questions without answers
Come and paralyze the dancer
So I stand here on the stage afraid to move
Afraid to fall, oh, but fall I must
On this truth that my life has been formed from the dust

God is God and I am not
I can only see a part of the picture He’s painting
God is God and I am man
So I’ll never understand it all
For only God is God

And the sky begins to thunder
And I’m filled with awe and wonder
‘Til the only burning question that remains
Is who am I

Can I form a single mountain
Take the stars in hand and count them
Can I even take a breath without God giving it to me
He is first and last before all that has been
Beyond all that will pass

Oh, how great are the riches of His wisdom and knowledge
How unsearchable
For to Him and through Him and from Him are all things

So let us worship before the throne
Of the One who is worthy of worship alone

©2001 Sparrow Song / Peach Hill Songs / BMI / Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing

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  1. heyjuke says :

    I’m reminded of Who Am I, as well as “How Excellent Your Name is”, myself

  2. Anonymous says :

    Wow, that’s cool!

  3. IceWatah says :

    Yeah, it just feels like there’s not alot of people on here anymore (since half the people I know dropped theres, lol.)

  4. its_meeh_shenz says :

    you really tried to stretch that SUBARU one. =P

  5. brentlicious says :

    Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple right?Cool job!

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