Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, love, and support!  God has blessed me with great friends like you to live life together!  I don’t deserve friends/brothers and sisters-in-Christ like you.  Thanks to and praise God for His grace that He lavishes on those who love Him (that last part is very important)!

My dad finally was put into a hospital room roughly 45 minutes to an hour ago.  He called home and spoke to my mom.  Our doctor saw him today around 5 PM and is going to send three specialists (one of them being a heart specialist my dad has seen before for regular check-up stuff I think) my dad’s way in the next day or two (I think).

There’s a lot of other stuff I’ve been hoping to write about in an entry, but haven’t gotten around to doing so.  Perhaps this weekend, I’ll have a chance!

Probably my favorite commercial of all-time…Enjoy!

Now that I watched it again, I think the narrator’s voice sounds similar to the one in some WRX commercials.  What do you think?

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

6 responses to “”

  1. rice4krxst says :

    Hey Loren! My family will be praying for your dad as he stays in the hospital for a few days!

  2. hersheysquirtboy says :

    I know Brian from FCBC LA, Arnold through UCLA friends (and my girlfriend).

  3. banilla777 says :

    i’ll be prayin for ur dad. those wrx commercials rock, bugeye ftw! i dont remember seeing them on tv tho…

  4. Anonymous says :

    we are continuing to pray for your dad.

  5. kaumama says :

    continuing to pray for you dad.
    i like that first commercial too. hilarious. would you do that for devoted dan?

  6. Strikezone says :

    Praying your dad gets better. God is gracious.

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