Snow problem, mon!

Thanks for your prayers!  I’m feeling better, but I’m not at 100% yet.

I decided to go on my 2006 ICE (not “R.Y.C.E.”) Winter Retreat by myself today.  Let’s see who can figure out where I went.  (Hint: It was somewhere I was hoping to go a few months ago.)  It was nice spending time by myself with God and “Devoted Dan” (the car)!

About USCTrojan4JC

God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

4 responses to “Snow problem, mon!”

  1. JsprZ says :

    an observatory! dont know where though. where’s your car in the picture? =P happy holidays

  2. JsprZ says :

    haha that was fast

  3. yutaka731 says :

    Does it start with “Pal” and end with “omar”?

  4. udonoogen says :

    went to griffith observatory last tuesday.  it was cold!!  the telescope was pretty neat, the view was excellent … but i think the coolest thing there is the tesla coil.  merry christmas, loren!

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