Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t Mess With Texas!”?

Well, how about this, “Don’t Mess With CHRISTmas!”

Don’t forget it’s our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we celebrate not just this Christmas season, but all the time!

I’ve had a cough since last Thursday.  I have a sore throat now because of it as well.  Your prayers would be appreciated.  I guess it’s time for my one “bad cold” a year (on average).  Other than that, God has blessed me with being healthy the rest of the time.  I still have yet to ever break a bone or severely sprain anything.  I haven’t even had a cavity before and it’s not because I eat well by any means.  Then again, I guess my bad vision might even things out.

God blessed me with the privilege of seeing the Hwang Family (Jerry, Jackie, and Josie) again on Sunday!

Praise God for who He is and His word!  My thoughts after the sermon – Luke 9:23-27 (link is to the entire chapter) and Galatians 2:15-21 (link is to the entire chapter) FTW (for the win)!!!

I fell in love with this girl all over again.

A Better Folding Chair?

Who can help me design a better folding chair?  I can’t stand how my rear always seems to slide to the front of the seat when I’m usually seated in a metal folding chair.  It also happens in plastic chairs of the design most of you grew up with in elementary school.  The “new and improved” chair would have to be unpadded because padded chairs can’t be stacked as tightly.  I’m thinking if the contour of the seat bottom was redesigned, that would solve my “problem.”  Who else out there has experienced “butt sliding?”

Random fact – Plain M&M’s are probably my favorite candy.  Heide Gummy Bears (don’t accept imitations!) are up there too.  What’s yours?

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6 responses to “”

  1. wurpol says :

    I haven’t had the displeasure of sitting in a folding chair in a while. Perhaps you should add some traction to the back of your pants to keep you from sliding. They do have padded folding chairs… but i’ve seen them crack with old age and they’re probably more expensive. Have you seen those folding stools/walking canes? kinda looks like a cross between a large lollipop and a candy cane. Those are padded but you’d probably need a butt the size of Josie Hwang’s to fit on that little circle of a seat.

  2. heyjuke says :

    there’s those fabric padded seats from one of those warehouse stores which we use at our church that will not crack, unlike those vinyl ones. or how about a backless folding safari chair?

  3. yutaka731 says :

    One suggestion is that you can get a folding chair cushion, and get one that has strips or strings that can tie onto the chair. Just tie it on very tightly and voila you won’t slip!

  4. SportyABG says :

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  5. iAMC00L_andge says :

    HAHA ! according to that flu / cold thing, i have the flu (:

  6. deadkau says :

    poor thing. just prayed for you.

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