Another thing I’m thankful for is the fact that my left shoulder’s rotator cuff is pretty good now after it was nagging me during the summer!  Praise the Lord!

If you left something at Snow Creek Park in Walnut yesterday, there’s a high probability it’s in the trunk of my car.

Here’s a rundown of some of the items I “collected” (There was a bit of trash Joseph Chan and I cleaned up as before we left as well.  Let’s remember to always leave places in a better condition than they were when we arrived.  The most “bothersome” thing was picking up a styrofoam cup in left-center field that was brought out there during the football game.):

  • Black Nike warmup pants left in the “high school” dugout
  • Red bag containing a picnic mat or something like that
  • Two soccer balls and one jelly ball
  • Three baseball/softball gloves

Ending on that “note”, here’s my public service anouncement for the day.  If you throw with your right arm, you use a “right-handed” glove that is worn on your left hand.  If you throw with your left arm (like me), you use a “left-handed” glove that is worn on your right hand.  It bugs me how many times I heard right-handed people say, “I need a left-handed glove,” yesterday.  Then when someone actually provides what is technically a “left-handed” glove, the person who requested the glove realizes the glove is wrong.  After all, if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit!

Softball was fun!  High school lost because we didn’t have timely hitting (I certainly didn’t help) and were suspect on defense at times (I didn’t contribute here though).  I had an “O-for” day.  Basically, I was 0-for-3 hitting.  I grounded out to Preston at 2nd base, flied out to Eric Lau in right field, and grounded out to Jason Lee at 1st base.  Defensively, I had fun taking care of business on the few balls that were hit to me.  Uncle Peter Gin pitched pretty well and consistently for all of us.

One more thing, in baseball/softball, “runs” are scored, not “points.”

Playing football yesterday was fun too!  I had a couple receptions and a “throw-off” return.  I would’ve like to get more touches, but it’s really okay as long as everyone had a good time.  I feel like my speed is wasted sometimes like keeping a sports car in the garage.  I remind myself that the game isn’t just for me to have fun, but everyone playing.  I threw one INT a play after what should’ve been a long TD pass (pass not caught) and I also just barely missed (overshot John David Booty-style) on a HB pass I threw which would’ve been a TD.  I also was wide open (like a Bible when one is listening to a sermon) a few times that could’ve resulted in TDs.  Oh well.  I’ll have my high school memories to always re-live a la Al Bundy who scored four TDs in one game for Polk High.  My team didn’t deserve to win the way we played.  The other team also simply outplayed us!  I give mad props to Gene and Benson.  Gene can throw the ball pretty well and Benson just goes up there and gets it.  He has a good knack for pass-catching!

I had a weird dream last night/this morning.  I dreamt the Dodger$ played a World Series Game 7 in Mexico and lost in the bottom of the 9th inning.  It was a good dream! 


The next Subaru Impreza?

Artists’ renditions/”photochops” of what it may actually look like:

And for those who think it’s a Mazda 3:

Its debut is scheduled to be in April 2007 at the New York International Auto Show.  Subaru is scheduled to announce something at this year’s (second) Los Angeles Auto Show on November 30th.  This year’s auto show will be open to the public December 1-10, 2006.  For more information, go to  $2.00 admission discount coupons should be available at your local Chevron station and automobile dealerships.

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  1. AznLzyGuy says :

    Oh yeah..those nike pants are mine!! Thanks Loren!!

  2. Space_Cowboy says :

    you mean the flaming lips song that goes, “she uses vaaaaasaline”? i think the song is called ‘she don’t use jelly’. OOOOOOO moted.

  3. Saleme says :

    Nice i’ll have to get a pass.

  4. banannie119 says :

    i think it’s time for you guys to get some humble pie

  5. viadolorosa says :

    woo! i like the pics of those cars!

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