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I went to see Chris Tomlin and his band in concert back on October 22nd at the Gibson Amphitheatre.  I’m surprised Ray hasn’t posted any photos.  The seats we had were actually pretty good, but tight.  I stood “offset” from David Wong on my left and Chris Woo on my right.  Fellow partyers were Steve Loo, Hanley, Dann Chen, and Tyrone Li.

The best part of the concert was the beginning when we were all reminded that the night is about praising God and worshiping Him who is our audience of One!  There was no intermission which was a surprise because I was hoping to go looking for people I know who said they were going to be there.  I’m guessing they omitted it because the concert started at a time of 8:15 PM.  It’s cool we keep running into Steve’s sister and her husband at concerts.  They should stop following us!  We also saw (fellow Trojans) Uncle Calvin and Justin Joe there and some other First Chinese Baptist Church of Los Angeles (FCBC LA) people there as well.  I think Chris (Tomlin) & Co. played a little over half of the songs of the new album, See the Morning.  He also shared his thoughts and stories behind some of the songs…and threw in some quick jokes here and there too.  I started to lose my voice pretty early on when “Indescibable” was being played.  It was a great time of worshiping our King!

So when (for most of you…just think about it…”when” and not “if”) you wake up in the morning, take at least a quick moment to reflect on who God is and His faithfulness in even giving you another day of life to praise Him…from creation to Creator.

My public service announcement for the day: Late Turn-Ins and Proper Cornering Technique – It’s not just for racing, folks!  I think this will help a good number of you out there whom I’ve observed turn-in too early when making left turns and/or parking – the situations where I believe late turn-ins help the most (provided you don’t turn too late).  The link below should provide ya’ll with enough information to make you all experts! 



I’ll try to express this in American for ya’ll to understand.  For starters, automobiles don’t pivot at their centers, but at their front axle (Yes, I am well aware some vehicles have four-wheel steering.  Those vehicles however, still have most of the steering lock being generated at the front axle.).  If you turn-in early, the probability you’ll have to make corrections when completing the turn is much greater than turning-late.  By turning-in late, you get a majority of your turning done earlier resulting in being able to straighten the vehicle out for your exit earlier (and also getting on the “GO” pedal earlier too once you’ve reached the apex of the turn, which is usually NOT the geometrical apex).  There’s a saying in racing called “slow in, fast out”.  The theory entails going a little bit slower in the early part of the turn to go faster throughout the rest of the turn.  Once you’re more advanced, you’ll be able to go “fast in, fast out,” which is even better!  Many turns on racetracks dump vehicles onto straightaways.  A lot of time and ground is made up or lost on straightaways which is why proper corner exit is crucial.

There’s a lot more I could say, but I feel it’s already getting late.  Again, the link above is fantastic!  It may very well transform you guys and gals into Unsers and Andrettis!

Here’s a visual list of the vehicles I drove on Saturday afternoon at the Mazda Zoom-Zoom Live event at California Speedway in Fontana, California.  It’s the same place where I did this in March 2005:

Mazda RX-8

Mazda 3s 5-door

Mazda Mazdaspeed6

Mazda CX-7

(Trust me.  The vehicle above is not fun to drive.  It makes me want to test drive an Acura RDX to compare the two.)

I just checked the Mazda Zoom-Zoom Live web site and my official time for the Mazdaspeed6 challenge was 34.745 seconds.  There’s so much more I could’ve got out of the car!  Oh well!

Here’s the photo they took of me entering turn 1.  Notice how I’m looking ahead.  Looking ahead is very important for cornering properly.  Actually, it’s important for any and all driving you do because it increases your situational awareness and gives you a better opportunity to anticipate the unexpected.  It’s been said where you look is where your hands usually will direct the vehicle.

“I think Cowabunga says it all.  Cowabunga!” <- What movie is that from and what was going on when that line was said?

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  1. heyjuke says :

    the only recollection I have of Cowabunga is the TMNT [Movie?]

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