Jeff “The Shark” Samardzija on his way to the game-winning touchdown against UCLA.  Notre Dame won 20-17 in what some could say was another “Instant Classic.”  UCLA’s come from ahead loss was the second Notre Dame has been given this season, the first coming from a generous Michigan State team.

I wanted both teams to lose!

UCLA’s offense was too conservative on their last full series-three running plays with minimal gain.  They needed to get a first down!  I give props to Brady Quinn for the pump fake and pass to “The Shark” and to “The Shark” for a great run after the catch. It was a good game to watch!

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4 responses to “”

  1. banannie119 says :

    >( …. I totally missed the game because I thought it was on at 5:30 eastern not 2:30. I was so sad.

  2. udonoogen says :

    what a heartbreaker for the pac-10. we’re looking pretty good this year.

  3. SportyABG says :

    ND is so freakin overrated. I hate how they get an automatic BCS bid if they make it into the top 8. That’s crap.

  4. Space_Cowboy says :

    that kid was in another class. i have a good 30 photos of the kids reactions after they vaulted over that thing. i couldnt stop laughing while i was shooting those pictures. hilarious.

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