Time for another exciting entry!

Let’s see what’s been going on.  The San Diego Padres were eliminated Sunday night by the St. Louis Cardinals, but at least they didn’t get swept like the Dodger$!  Ultimately, they didn’t produce nearly enough offensively to win the series.  My high school baseball coach, Mike Sarafian, always preached to us that the three main aspects of any baseball game are pitching, hitting, and defense.  If your team “wins” two out of those three, you should win the game.  There’s also the old saying, “Good pitching will always beat good hitting.”  We’ll see if the New York Mets can make a solid argument against that.

USC beat Washington by six points at the LA Coliseum where USC has won 29 games in a row.  I’m not sure if I was there for their last loss there against a Tyrone-Willingham-coached Stanford team in 2001.  Here’s some good news for Trojan fans, Pete Carroll is undefeated in November.  We should be all right, but then again, that’s why they play the games!

Last Saturday, on 4th down and goal on the Washington 4-yard line with USC leading by 3 points, the Trojans decided to kick a field goal to increase their lead to 6 points.  A “Miller Lite” Good Call (you real sports fans out there will know what I’m referring to) or Bad Call?

I would’ve gone for the touchdown on 4th down.  Here’s my reasoning (Remember, I’m far from a being a football expert.  Motorsports and baseball are my forte.):

  • If successful, you get the TD and get a 10 point lead.  Nice!
  • If unsucessful, the Washington offense has to start on the 4-yard line (roughly depending on where the 4th down play ends) meaning they would have to drive 96 yards instead of the probably 80 yards because USC’s kicker has been consistently booming most of his kicks into the end zone the entire season.
  • A Washington field goal would tie the game probably sending it into overtime.
  • You still lose if Washington scores a TD.
  • Our defense hasn’t been getting much pressure on opposing quarterbacks with just four rushers.  This was really made evident the previous week against Washington State.  It’s scary to place them in the same situation.  It seems like in these situations we give the opposition way too much and let them drive way more than I’m comfortable with.

Stop sign madness!  It seems like other drivers on the road are getting worse at it lately!  Have you ever wondered how many Asian drivers in the San Gabriel Valley even get their license in the first place?  Yeah.  I’m sure Erwin would give me at least a point for that.

Last Thursday, I decided I want to start looking for new work.  It looks like the Trojan network (remember, it’s not University of Spoiled Children…I’ve got loans up the wazoo to prove I’m not spoiled in that way…it’s the University of Social Connections.  Some also say it’s the University of Smart Chinamen.  I think I’m far from smart though.) might come into play for me!  Praise God!  We’ll see what happens.

The next job I’d get would just be something to hopefully hold me over until I can become a CHP officer.  I take my written exam for the CHP cadet application process this Saturday!  I think I can actually say this is a test I’m looking forward to!  I can’t recall any other tests/exams I’ve looked forward to in my life except for maybe my driver’s license test (passed 1st try with a maximum 15 errors (NICE!) although the lady I had (Montebello DMV) marked me off for some things I know I didn’t commit…e.g., she said I didn’t look over my shoulder when changing lanes…WHAT?!  I was looking over so much in an exaggerated way I was almost falling out of my seat!…I got a perfect score on the test to get my learner’s permit (thank you Melrose Driving School for having us simply memorize answers…I don’t know how much I actually learned…although I could argue I minimally learned about 4-way stops! )

Gut Feelings

Have you ever wondered about how God designed us when it comes to having “gut feelings”?

Here are a few examples of how I’ve witnessed my “gut feelings” happen before my very eyes…

My freshman year at USC, I was talking to someone on AIM and I told the person something to the effect of, “I’ll see you later today.  I don’t know how or where, but I’ll see you later!”  After I commuted to campus, I ran into this person at Taper Hall!

Perhaps this one will be a better example.  On the afternoon of August 11, 2006, I was driving home after finishing my volunteer effort at DCLA 2006 (which I know I still have yet to post about…and summer retreat) for the week.  I was on the Westbound Pomona (60) Freeway between the Paramount Blvd. on-ramp and the Garfield Ave./Wilcox Ave. exit (my usual exit).  There’s a flatbed truck that merges onto the freeway and I’m traveling in the slow lane since I’ll be exiting soon.  This truck is carrying way more then it could really safely transport.  So I’m following it (not closely) when I get this gut feeling that I wouldn’t be surprised if something will fall off the truck into my path.  Soon enough, the airflow catches underneath a door (standard size – 7′ x 2-3/4′?) causing it to fly up and out of the bed of the truck.  Since I was “ready” for this, I hit the brakes and moved to the shoulder until I had passed the door.  I think the SUV (this guy had been speeding earlier and was pretty close to my rear) behind me drove right over it.  That incident definitely made me think, “WHOA!”

Yesterday, I was in the third car in line to turn left onto Commonwealth from Atlantic when I was driving to work.  I was thinking about trying to go when it turned yellow and then red because I know I’d probably lose about 2 minutes or so if I waited for the traffic light to cycle through again.  Out of the blue (or left field), I thought what if there’s a cop nearby?  I looked to my right onto Commonwealth and there he was about fourth or fifth in line waiting for the light to turn green so he could proceed West (straight) on Commonwealth.  I was really glad I didn’t do something dumb that time!  He actually proceeded to speed by and hurriedly pass a few cars that were in front of him and pull someone over.  I passed that scene about three blocks after I made my left turn.

What I want to know, is what’s the deal with gut feelings from a Biblical perspective?  Do tell all of you in Xanga-land!  Thanks and God bless!

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5 responses to “”

  1. flowerence says :

    in regards to your comment… no he’s not my identical twin.. but we’re very much alike..

  2. Strikezone says :

    I was at the game and at first I thought they should go for the TD, but Carroll was right going for the 3 points. If they didn’t make it, more than likely Washington would have drove down the field and kicked at field goal to send it to OT. The Trojan D was dead tired since they were out there a lot in the second half. The offense could not sustain drives and were 3 and out several times. I feel the offense needs to step it up. Fight on!

  3. ilovehorsepower says :

    It’s so weird and funny and fun, when things like that happen. I definently believe it is The Holy Spirit. In Isaiah (somewhere in Ch. 53)I think it is, says “We will hear a word behind us saying turn to the right hand or turn to the left hand.” Or STOP as the case may be. (The Holy Spirit is with us!)

  4. udonoogen says :

    im excited about the SC game but i realized the other night that once it comes, the season is practically over.  i wish football season were longer.

  5. Space_Cowboy says :

    i feel bad but no he didnt come close. that picture is actually him falling off the thing. he didnt get very far. as you can see, he pretty much hit the front and fell off.

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