Michael Chang, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Geoff Moore singing “Listen to Our Hearts” at the Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing, China in March 2004.  My sources (Steve Loo – Xanga: rice4krxst) told me that Dr. Brent Fulton of ChinaSource (and also a fellow Trojan) helped organize their trip to China.

Finding this was definitely my highlight of tonight!!!

The San Diego Padres retook first place in the National League West/Worst last (Tuesday) night with a win over the Arizona Diamondbacks and a Dodger loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Pads and Dodgers both lost tonight so I’ll still be able to sleep well.  The new wrinkle in all of this is that the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Chicago Cubs to move into a tie with the Dodgers in the National League Wild Card playoff spot.

NCAA Football 07
If it’s in the game, it’s in the game!  EA SPORTS – It’s in the game!

For those who are interested in “simulated” games, I simmed a matchup of USC (road) vs. Ohio State (home) in the Fiesta Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona with 5 minute quarters at All-American difficulty with the computer playing itself.  USC beat Ohio State 20-6.  A sign of things to come?  We’ll see.

If you want to be in the game, please let me know!  I’m going to try to create a team of us.

I would like your height, weight, hometown, jersey number you would like, your dexterity (LEFT or right-handed), and what you think your ratings should be in the following categories (99 is the maximum value).  Please try to keep it somewhat realistic, but still fun at the same time.

EDIT: I forgot to mention your position too.

Overall – your overall rating
Speed – how fast you are
Strength – how strong you are
Awareness – how aware you are of things going on (a high rating here will usually reduce penalties and make you less susceptible to fakes if you’re playing on defense)
Agility – how agile you are/Reggie Bush-ness
Acceleration – how quickly you accelerate
Catch – how well you catch the ball
Carry – how well you carry the ball (a high rating here means you won’t fumble as much)
Jump – your “hops”
Break Tackle – your ability to break tackles
Tackle – your ability to tackle
Throwing Power – your throwing power
Throwing Accuracy – your throwing accuracy
Pass Block – your ability to pass block to protect the quarterback
Run Block – your ability to run block to aid the person running the ball
Kick Power – your kicking power
Kick Accuracy – your kicking accuracy
Stamina – your stamina will determine how easily you fatigue
Injury – how susceptible you are to injury (a lower rating = glass, a higher rating = bulwark)

Here’s USC’s Dwayne Jarrett (from IGN.com)

#8 WR Dwayne Jarrett – 6’5″, 215 lbs, New Brunswick, NJ

Overall: 95
Speed: 94
Strength: 62
Awareness: 88
Agility: 92
Acceleration: 95
Catch: 96
Carry: 62
Jump: 98
Break Tackle: 59
Tackle: 48
Throwing Power: 40
Throwing Accuracy: 40
Pass Block: 40
Run Block: 48
Kick Power: 40
Kick Accuracy: 40
Stamina: 93
Injury: 94

Here’s what I’ll probably set myself

#2 WR/CB/KR/PR Loren Wong – 5’8″, 165 lbs, Monterey Park, CA

Overall: 95
Speed: 95
Strength: 52
Awareness: 95
Agility: 94
Acceleration: 99
Catch: 90
Carry: 75
Jump: 88
Break Tackle: 50
Tackle: 55
Throwing Power: 40
Throwing Accuracy: 70
Pass Block: 40
Run Block: 40
Kick Power: 40
Kick Accuracy: 40
Stamina: 85
Injury: 90

Man, I miss playing high school football!  I think I miss it even more than playing high school baseball for four years (I only played football my senior year after begging my parents to let me play).  With my football highlights (2 TDs, 1 INT, 1 blocked PAT, and a few nice tackles, although I got 0wn3d a few times too), I can replay them in my head over and over again!  With my baseball highlights, I don’t remember them too well even though I’m a better baseball player than football player.

At Bible Study Fellowship last week, I ran into John Negrete, a friend of mine through InterVarsity at UCLA.  Well, he’s the one that actually found me.  I first met John when I started tutoring some neighborhood kids a few blocks from USC through a program called “Adventures Ahead” run by some people from a local home-based church (Church of the Redeemer was its name if I remember correctly).  I think the last time I saw him was probably five years ago or so.  I was so surprised to see him last week.  He attended last (Tuesday) night’s meeting as well, but said he won’t be able to attend on Tuesday nights anymore.

It is absolutely amazing how God brings His people together.  It’s evident through how I started this entry and here as I end it.  All glory, honor, and praise to Him!  Amen?!  AMEN!!!

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  1. PresidentKennytheGreat says :

    #7 Kenneth Chin 5’7″, 150 lbs. Rowland Heights, CAOverall: 78Speed: 90Strength: 47Awareness: 93Agility: 94Acceleration: 99Catch: 95Carry: 90Jump: 85Break Tackle: 30Tackle: 65Throwing Power: 30Throwing Accuracy: 40Pass Block: 40Run Block: 40Kick Power: 30Kick Accuracy: 30Stamina:75Injury: 80

  2. heyjuke says :

    I never imagined that I’d get to meet you too, having subscribed to your blog sight unseen…

  3. heyjuke says :

    BTW, Christy who was at iCafe with us knows Michael Chang personally…

  4. DEAD_ED_WALKING says :

    that video was great; interesting trio of believers

  5. banannie119 says :


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