One of the funniest commercials I saw last year…

Here’s one I never saw…

Here’s a video related to last night’s.  Again, the video quality isn’t the best, but you can actually see Michael Chang sing.  Man, watching these makes me miss Geoff.  I love the sound of his voice!!!

Last Saturday, I took Hanley (Xanga: randomranting) to the USC Trojans’ victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers at USC’s home opener for the 2006 college football season.  USC prevailed 28-10 and showed Nebraska who the real “Big Red” is!

I know I was caught off-guard when the photo was taken because the delay for the flash seemed abnormally long!

We arrived at the Coliseum around 7:30 AM for ESPN’s College Gameday built by The Home Depot.  After it was done at 9 AM, Justin Joe found us and we had breakfast at the Burger King on Jefferson.  Once breakfast was over, we went back to campus and I gave Hanley an informal tour of USC (including a stop at Heritage Hall of course) before we went to Parkside International Residential College (PIRC) to meet up with Christi and April Wong, Katie from the LA church, and Christi’s roommate Adrienne.  Christi gave Katie and us an(other) informal tour of part of USC’s campus.  They then unexpectedly treated us to lunch at PIRC by swiping for us.  PIRC definitely has some good food!!!  After lunch, Hanley and I just hung out in one of PIRC’s lounges watching the Michigan vs. Notre Dame’s debacle and LSU vs. Auburn’s (FYI: they’re both named the Tigers) sleeper.  We also fell asleep watching them here and there too.  We then went back to the Coliseum to watch the game.  We were in section 3, row 88, seats 101 & 102.  The game wasn’t that exciting because it wasn’t a blowout nor was it really close.  There were a lot of Nebraska fans where we were (it was pretty mixed) and most of them conducted themselves with class.  I can’t say the same about all the Trojan fans though…although Husker fans had some real gems here and there too.  The atmosphere wasn’t nearly as “electric” as UCLA and Notre Dame games.

This concludes another entry.  Fight on for ol’ JC and God bless!

Wake the neighbors
Get the word out
Come on, crank up the music
Climb a mountain and shout
This is live we’ve been given
Made to be lived out
So la, la, la, la LIVE OUT LOUD!

LOL everyone!!!

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  1. AznLzyGuy says :

    HAHA!! THAT WAS AWESOME COMMERCIAL!! Man I gotta go to one of those USC Games!! Well see ya later tonight!

  2. Anonymous says :


  3. rice4krxst says :

    haha! That’s a pretty cool picture of you two!LOL is our theme for GAP! Live out Loud as God’s Anointed People!

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