Swinging Friars -> Sweeping Friars!!!  The San Diego Padres beat the Los Angeles Dodgers today in a matinee game, 10-3, to complete a three-game sweep of the evil Dodgers.  Jake Peavy hit his 2nd career home run in the top of the 4th inning with a runner on 2nd base and 2 out by tatooing a Brad Penny 95 mph fastball into the stands in the left field corner.

Mark had a good start today in his return from his second stint on the disabled list (DL) this year pitching 5-2/3 innings of no-hit ball (although he walked five and only struck out three) against the New York Mets.  The Cubs lost the game in 10 innings.  I think Mark will find his mark (pun intended) soon!

Something else I’ve also experienced lately is a sense of contentment with Devoted Dan.  I was kind of hoping to get a 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STI which should be the second year of the new (yet-to-be-seen) model’s redesign.  What makes me really content with what I already have is when I think about all the small chips on the hood and front bumper, the small two or three cracks on the windshield, and the beating I subject him to on the track.  He’s like a Timex® watch.  It takes a beating and keeps on ticking!  He’s like a rock (no, not a Chevy Truck), or “Cephas” in Aramaic or “Petra” in Greek!  Hopefully, I won’t get an itch to get something faster…one that I hopefully won’t need to scratch.  For the most part, Dan is still plenty quick…fast enough to get me into trouble.

Track action

It seems like I have a knack of finishing my entries with the most important thing.

With that being said, I’ve spent a little time thinking about the people I know who have gone on missions this summer to spread the name and fame of the Famous One.  Reading about how God is at work through the mere ministry of my brothers and sisters in Christ is amazing to say the least.  Words can’t express how awesome God is and the works of His hands.  He does all things well!  Thanks be to our God the Father, Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, and the Holy Spirit for showing us a love that leaves us speechless (cue “Speechless” by Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore from the album Speechless, ©1999 Sparrow Records)

Reminder: Halftime is on Thursday night at the Wong residence!

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4 responses to “”

  1. udonoogen says :

    i laughed @ the cephas & petra line.  i enjoy reading your entries and the music (when i’m reading it at home) isn’t bad either.  have a great week

  2. gunnerman says :

    stick with your car…it’s fast enough…if you go faster you might end on a tilt-a-world like someone i know..

  3. Sharpfan8 says :

    Hey there! Thanks for the comment, I love your picture! Was that around ’03?
    I really only started watching IndyCar in the middle of the ’03 season, but Gil was a guy that I instantly liked. I wish I would have been able to meet him before he retired and headed into F1 land. I chased down Al in the garages at Indy this year and he was really cool as well.

  4. Anonymous says :

    Don’t tell me your a cubs fan…. Nah jk. But seriously, Wrigley Field is nothing but a big outdoor bar where people go to see their home team lose. 😉

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