It’s been way too long!  I’ll try to keep this short with a more detailed entry later on in the week about what I’ve been up to!  I totally should not be up right now, but I thought it’d be cool to provide ya’ll with something to read.

I got to play BROOMBALL last Sunday!  AWESOME fun!!!  I loved playing for Team J.C. (Justin Chan…or Jesus Christ…I would say it’s your choice, but I’m a believer of “you choose, you lose” thinking!)!  People who play broomball, as a favor to others, please refrain from taking slapshots.  It’s all in the wrist, baby!  Wristers for the win (FTW)!!!

Devoted Dan got “owned” last Monday night by a couple of our church’s recently graduated high school seniors, Meryl Lua and Tiffany Lew, while I was at church for summer retreat training.  Here is a picture of him I took the next day before I washed the “graffiti” off:

I must admit the color of the paint used matches the car pretty well.  That’s about all that paint was good for!

Here’s a shot of Devoted Dan on Wednesday before I drove to “Halftime” at the Lim residence (Uncle Daniel, Auntie Michelle, Jaclyn, and Jonathan’s home).  “Halftime” will be there again this Wednesday evening!  Don’t forget to “bring the Book!”

I filled in for Uncle Ted Low and Alex Kwan on Sunday with the high school freshman class.  I closed with some of the things God’s placed on my heart lately.  I tried to do a recap of their previous lessons with my own spiel on a proper response to knowing some of the attributes of God that were taught in previous weeks.

Here is my conclusion to the lesson:

So What Now?

Knowing these attributes of God as well as His innumerable others should present a better picture of who God is.  Our relationship with God is not to be centered on what He’s done for us, what He’s currently doing for us, and what He will do for us—far from it!  While those things are great and part of His equation to redeem us through Jesus’ sacrifice which was made known to us through the Holy Spirit, we miss out on the “big picture” if we fail to focus on who God is.  If your parents didn’t love you, they probably wouldn’t provide for you in the first place.  To worship God rightly, we need to focus on His being first.  God is great and we are not.  We are infinitesimal (let that be your vocabulary word of the week), or infinitely small.  God is more than a friend next to us that gives us a reason to sing, “La la.”  He is more than a genie we tell our prayer requests.  Simply put, God is God.  Look at the prophet Isaiah’s reaction to seeing God in Isaiah 6.

Similarly, we need to focus ourselves on our own being.  We need to realize that our relationship with God is to be centered on being and not doing.  God calls us to be holy as He is holy (Leviticus 19:2; 1 Peter 2:9-10).  Notice how the main verbs in those passages are “be” and “are.”  God is not calling His people to “do.”  Instead, He is calling His people to “be.”  Do not merely be hearers of the word, and not only doers, but “be” the word.  Let God’s Word dwell in you first (Colossians 3:16) before you do (Colossians 3:17).  Remember, Jesus Christ is God’s Word made available to us (John 1:1, 14).  He “became” before He “did.”  Let us model Christ in “being” first before “doing.”

Please do not post any comments regarding this.  May God use it as food for thought.  If there are any theological and/or hermeneutic holes in it, please e-mail me ASAP so I can learn from this.

Last Wednesday, I found out I didn’t get the job with American Honda.

Yesterday (Monday), I started my job as a warranty administrator at Sierra Acura in Alhambra, CA.  I should have a better idea of what it will truly be like by the end of the week.  Praise God for His provision and faithfulness!

I heard President Bush cursed on tonight’s news.  I went to to try to find more information on his latest slip-up (here) – Dubya dropped an “S” bomb!  I don’t care if you love him or hate him (or don’t care at all); you have to love the picture below!

Please seriously pray for the Middle East and North Korea!

I also stumbled across a couple of other cool articles:
Are Students Losing Their Religion on Campus? (Naughty Bruins!  Please read the story and watch the video to find out why I said that!)
Jump to Prevent Global Warming –

Pilgrim Patriots and TCFers, don’t forget to wish a Happy Birthday to Anna who turns 23 on the 21st (corrected)!

In closing, I just wanted to say, “I love you, Steve!”

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  1. udonoogen says :

    i love the acronym “ftw.”  i had no idea what it meant but kept seeing it pop up on some of the forums i read.

  2. Anonymous says :

    i hate it when my beloved vehicle gets pwn3d as well  =P

  3. deadkau says :

    nice version of scc’s song. i made sure it was sung at my ordination.

  4. SportyABG says :

    that is a pretty blue on devoted dan. 😉
    and a good picture of bush! ha.

  5. MasTerMaHFaN says :

    heya. yeah i was @ the A ‘n K wedding…and he still goes to MPCBC. what have you been up 2?

  6. Strikezone says :

    Thanks for filling in for Lix and I last Sunday. I hope it all went well. We owe ya. Thanks bro!

  7. teehsu says :

    haha, yes alvin did “bring home the bacon” 🙂

  8. kaumama says :

    ryc: izzy actually doesn’t know the turtles all that well… he’s got 2 older sisters who weren’t interested in them while growing up but i’ve rented some old videos from the library for him to see before and he enjoyed them very much. so to answer your question, he doesn’t have a favorite one. not yet.

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