2 back-to-back wins tonight as a member of the mafia thanks to masterful play by my partners in crime!

Game 1: Jason Homan (Xanga: j_h0), Felix Tsoi (Xanga: fefe_tha_drummer), and me
Game 2: James Homan (Xanga: MarsBlackman), Gabe Lee, and me

After we were done at Aaron, Nathan, and Hannah’s parents’ house, I started Devoted Dan up, turned on the headlights, and noticed the light output was lower than usual.  It looked like the driver side low beam headlight bulb was out.  I stepped out of the car to verify the cause.  I drove Andrew Hsu home and then came back here.  Note: 60 Freeway is prone to be under construction on Friday and Saturday (maybe Sunday nights too) after 10:30 or 11:00 PM and later.

It took me about 45 minutes to replace the bugger because there isn’t much room between the battery and the rear of the driver side headlight housing (the passenger side is an even tighter confine).  Once I got the burnt bulb out (an Osram SilverStar H1 bulb – European ECE spec), I replaced it with a Sylvania SilverStar H1 bulb – US DOT spec (distinguishable by its bluish tint and whitish light output) that I had left over from before because the bulbs that were in the car (Osram SilverStars) were replaced at the same time.

Tip of the day: When replacing headlight bulbs, you generally should do both at the same time.

Now when would I take my own advice?  Not this time!  Since I had the Sylvania SilverStar bulb left from before, I might as well use it until the passenger side Osram SilverStar bulb goes out.  I should also add that I already have a brand new pair of Osram SilverStar bulbs that I’ve been saving.

What’s the difference?  The Sylvania SilverStars, a.k.a. U.S. SilverStars, are good for about 1410 lumens and burn at about ~4000K.  They produce a fairly whitish light because of the bluish tint on the bulb itself.  The bluish tint, however, also decreases the light output and lifespan of the bulb.  The Osram SilverStars on the other hand, are a +50 halogen light bulb (~1750 lumens?) that is highly regarded in Europe (Auto Express UK magazine 2005 Best Buy award winner, one of three) as well as here in the U.S. (even though the Osram SilverStars are not U.S. DOT legal).  I’d love to explain it more, but I’m really tired!

Here’s a diagram of the U.S.-spec Sylvania SilverStars at work.

Daniel Stern, an experienced consultant in the field of automotive lighting science and technology, setup, regulation, development, history, and modification, explains the difference quite well here.

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6 responses to “”

  1. flowerence says :

    they call me “Teacher Flo” haha.

  2. kermee314 says :

    I used to use silverstars exclusively on my old accord. But I found they kept burning out much more quickly. Bummer. Especially when it does take like 45 minutes to change a lightbulb in those narrow little wells.

  3. udonoogen says :

    did tickets for the SC side of the cal game already sell out?  i can grab you a ticket if you don’t mind sitting in the cal alum section.
    also, i installed US spec silverstars on my car however didn’t notice a spectacular difference.  i heard PIAAs are more decent than silverstars but burn out faster.  any reason why you didn’t choose put HID’s in your car?  they produce the best light imho.

  4. mark_kristen says :

    thanks for the encouragement… =]hopefully i’ll be able to be a little better than okay in driving.

  5. deadkau says :

    praise God for emily.sure, you’re welcome to come watch. don’t expect too much, tho, it’s just tball. ;pi’ll talk to you about the schedule

  6. Anonymous says :

    Well, Da Vinci Code does suck. So far, they mentioned the Louvre Museum more than anything else; and about 10% of the book is writtten in FRENCH!! I have no idea what that means…
    God Bless!

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