Here’s a good one for ya’ll!

For those of you who drive on the 210 Freeway, East of the 605 regularly, is it just me or is there a funky smell usually around the Vernon Ave. exit?  I’ve been wondering this for the last two and a half years.  I figure that it’s about time I know what’s going on there!  Is there some sort of plant or facility there that releases the foul odor into the air?

Now that I’m on my “self-imposed” vacation as Melanie Chow calls it (I saw her when I went to the Chow residence to pick up Evan Wong (Xanga: ewokhi) for dinner last Sunday night.  Yes, folks, two Wongs always make a right!  I took him to the Original Tommy’s ( on Rampart and Beverly in Los Angeles.  He and the Chows (Bruce, Melanie, and Chloe) are currently in Brazil on a mission trip there through Japanese Evangelical Missinary Society (, I’m planning on feeding my karting addiction as much as possible.  Tim Seargeant also seems to be hooked as well!  Anyway, please let me know if you would like to go and I’m there!  As for you young ‘uns, those under 18 years old, I can sign for you guys and gals now too (at Dromo 1 for sure…I don’t know about other places)!  My seniors from 2005 or this year can still take me up on my offer to treat you guys and gals to a free race as your “graduation present.”  It’s not as eternal or cool as the Bibles and other excellent books Hanley (Xanga: randomranting), Tony, and Jerry (Xanga: scaryhairyjerry) may provide ya’ll, but hey, it’s what floats my boat and hopefully your’s as well!

I also plan on going to Adams Kart Track in Riverside, CA sometime during my vacation as well!  I hear it’s better than Dromo 1!  Again, if you want to go, please let me know!

Speaking of the Original Tommy’s, how many of you out there would agree with me that if there’s a chain of a particular eatery and you knew where the original, first location of it existed, why would you go to any of the other branches?!  I don’t care if the others are closer, it’s all about the OG location!!!

My two finest examples are:
– Original Tommy’s on Rampart and Beverly in Los Angeles, CA
– Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles on Pico, a block West of La Brea

The second “Halftime” of the summer was held last night at the Wong residence (Uncle Joe and Auntie Denise, no relation that I know of).  While I was helping with the cleanup effort, Auntie Denise was kind enough to say that when all of us kids are over, it’s like we’re all her sons.  I think it’d be great if I’d be able to say that one day as well!  Well, there are already some kids at church that I hope my own kids will be like!

My highlight of the evening came when Jaclyn (Xanga: jac929lyn) was drawing people’s faces on the white board.  She drew her wonderful rendition of Jonathan Ng’s (Xanga: j0nathankng) mug for all of us to see.  Then, Hanley arrived and asked, “Is that Jon?!” and burst into laughter.  We all burst into laughter as well!

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  1. udonoogen says :

    i think the original in-n-out in baldwin park was better than regular in-n-out locations.  they recently closed the original and built a new one across the freeway (along with a new in-n-out university).  it looks a lot cooler (no longer just a drive thru) but now i think it tastes the same.  but maybe i was just really hungry that one night when i had it at the old one or maybe in-n-out is always good.  =)
    the original tommy’s is fun to go to.  the last time i was there, i was in 7th grade.  good greasy memories.  i like how you have to stand up to eat.

  2. AznLzyGuy says : called vacation..that was the highlight of the night yesterday at d. wong’s!!

  3. Anonymous says :

    Hi, I haven’t talk to ya in awhile. Memorizing words from is a pain, and I hope when school starts, I won’t talk with high vocabularies. It’s quite embarrassing to do that, but I think what my father means is that I should use good vocabularies on essays and SAT’s. Anyways, thanks, and God bless you too.

  4. scmeggiry says :

    I think the original Roscoe’s is the Hollywood one

  5. Strikezone says :

    I think the smell is the Miller Brewing Co. It smells like beer everytime I drive by there.

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