I officially ended my tenure at Pacific BMW yesterday (Friday, June 30, 2006).  I was a little sad to leave some of the people I had become friends with over the last two and a half years.  But I’m looking forward to seeing what great (not in our worldly sense) and glorious things God has in store for me next!

Speaking of which, I received another call from my contact at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. to go in for an interview in Torrance on Monday morning at 9:30 AM PDT.  Here’s to God opening or shutting this door as He would please.  Of course, I’m praying for the former, but ultimately it’s all about His will being done.  I’m really excited about this possibility and get more excited the more I think about it!

The Impossible Dream (2005 Honda UK TV ad)

Last (Friday) night, we had our monthly Unikoi high school fellowship staff meeting at Thea’s (Xanga: SeeYaThea) home.  They also turned it into a semi-belated birthday party for Alex Kwan (Xanga: TenThousandPoetWarriors, June 10) and me and farewell party for Annie who will be going to school on the east coast in the fall.  Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate!

We played a 4-5 games of Mafia after all the hoopla.  Friends, when you’re dead, you’re dead.  That’s the way the game should be played.  Let me just say that the townspeople did some rather interesting things in a couple of games.  I was a mafioso in one game together with Lawton and it should have been Tiff Lew too but she was given the wrong card.  I think if we had all three of us, we could’ve run the table and won.  There was another game where Tiff was supposed to be a mafioso(a?) but her partner didn’t even realize that he or she was also a mafioso.  So she missed out on that.  It’s also easy to eliminate Annie (Xanga: banannie119) when she’s a mafioso.  I guess she’s not too smooth of a criminal.  I enjoy playing the most with Hanley (Xanga: randomranting) and Leslie (Xanga: BreadPlease).  I always have a great time playing with them!  Hanley’s reasoning skills, while not always 100% accurate, are still head and shoulders above others’ in my own opinion.  Leslie says she doesn’t play well, but I think she’s a terrific player!

Call me weird (not too soon though), but I really like playing as a townsperson, sometimes more than an inherent major role player because the last group of people have to “work” to play the game.  I used to mind getting killed off early, but now I don’t anymore because my death allows me to see everything going on for the remaining duration of that game.  We had an intense game to close the night.  The pivotal moment of the game came when there were six of us left (1 mafioso remaining).  Leslie did a fantastic job as the doctor throughout the game because she saved Tiff Lee, Aaron Lee, and herself up to that point.  They were three of the six remaining.  The others were Jason Lee (Xanga: lilk1d777), Justin Chan (Xanga: gon1122), and me.  Knowing I was a plain jane townsperson, I was trying everything I could to get Leslie, Aaron, and Tiff to believe I wasn’t a goomba. Since Leslie I had saved each of the three of them including herself, they all knew they weren’t a part of the mafia.  The town killed off Annie earlier in the game about midway through.  The sheriff, Edwin Fung (Xanga: DEAD_ED_WALKING) was killed in the very first round.  Which Justin first and then I correctly figured out about 3-4 rounds into the game.  On a side note, one of the earlier games featured Edwin and Leslie (brother and sister) plus Annie as the mafia members.  Needless to say, Anna was figured out pretty easily.  The Fung connection took a little bit of time to figure out before they got sniffed out.  Back to the last game of the night, Leslie, Tiff, and Aaron didn’t know who to believe.  I knew if they killed me off (which I offered the town to do to me early in the game since I believed I was expendable.  I believe all townspeople are early in the game.  By eliminating them, you also have a chance of somewhat increasing your odds at finding out who is working for the mafia.) at this point in time, they’d give the remaining mafioso an excellent chance at winning the game.  I pulled out all the stops trying to convince the three that I was not a mafioso.  I tried to even buy them saying I would pay them $20 each if I was lying to them. I had to up the ante later on to $100 each if I lying.  Jason and Justin did a great job trying to convince the three as well!  Since I knew I was 100% innocent, I knew it was one of those two but couldn’t convince the three that was the case.  Tiff kind of believed me because I had accidentally forgotten a hit was made on her earlier in the game when I accused her or Annie of being a mafia member.  The money I offered also talked to her as well!  Leslie and Aaron were still pretty unsure of who it was.  They finally decided to give voting Justin off (sorry!) a shot (I was surprised he didn’t put up more of a fight like I did since he was innocent.  Since Justin play as a mafioso earlier in the night convinced me he’s a pretty good player as well!) to keep the game going.  The next night came and went and Leslie healed the correct person again (herself?)!  So now we were left with “The 3” and Jason and me.  I told them that they can kill off either one of us and still be in good shape since if they killed the wrong person, the mafia could reduce them to two and still be all right because that would mean there were the two of them to only one mafioso remaining.  So they finally voted for Jason, and we the village people won!  If they had killed me off, I think I would’ve run to another room of the house and gone (almost) nuts!  That was the most fun I’ve had playing Mafia in a while.  The other time, if I remember correctly, was when Leslie and I won as the mafia at Jerry’s house sometime last year.  I also won as the mafia one time with Karen Jeng during my junior year at USC too.

Today, I popped into a meeting at church for a little bit at 9 AM.  I helped setup chairs with Raymond and Brandon Chau in the MAC after that was done.  I don’t know why, but why don’t we have a team of like 15-20 people or so (on a rotation maybe) that sets up the chairs every Saturday.  It would make everything happen much more quickly!  I guess it just makes too much sense for us to do it!  I spent about half an hour helping Raymond and Brandon who were about halfway through the setup process when I dropped in.

Afterward, I went to Pantera Park (man, Diamond Bar and Walnut, a.k.a. suburbia, have some NICE parks!) to partake in Erwin’s 7th Annual BBQ/Picnic.  It was a very nice surprise to see Eric Lo, Karen Lo’s (from USC’s AACF) brother, there!  I had a great time there throwing the ol’ baseball around with Kenny Chin (Xanga: PresidentKennytheGreat) and Tim Seargeant.  Kenny and I also took a few swings at each other’s pitches before Tim came.

Tim came along after he called me while I was about to start throwing to Kenny asking me if I wanted to go to Dromo 1 today.  It was something that we had been trying to setup for a while.  The last time I went with Tim, I received my first ever black flag there because they thought I was driving too roughly trying to pass the slower guy in front of me who was in second place even though I had fourth place behind me and bumping me (that guy behind me received no penalty and finished the race in second place–a finish I thought was rightfully mine.).  Since the last time we went, the track had been changed and I had driven that layout three previous times, the last time being with Alex Ho (Xanga: Alex115), Anderson Chen (Xanga: nd627br – a happy birthday again to Anderson who joined me at 25 a day later!), and Brent Chun and his dad, Bill.

Tim did a great job rounding up people and we were able to head down to Dromo1 (www.dromo1.com) with nine soon-to-be karters including ourselves (Tim and me)!  Those who drove were Tim, Stacey (Xanga: spagetystwauce), Ali Seargeant (Tim’s younger, middle sister), Tyrone Li (Xanga: AznLzyGuy), Tiff Lew, Kevin Chin (Xanga: number7436), Kenny Chin, Chris Lui, and me.  They were all first-timers except for Tim.  Now that I am 25, I was allowed to sign as a guardian for those who are under 18 years old!  I said I was their church counselor!  LOL!  It’s funny only because it’s true!  That’s probably not something they hear often anyway.  All of them did a fine job!  My best lap time of the day came on my last lap – 24.672 seconds.  I think my best lap when I went with Alex and Andy was a 24.7xx.  If I was faster last time, I think that means I need to go again and get my act together!  LOL!  I think we all had a great time there!  I’m trying to get more people at church addicting.  Hopefully, this is only the beginning!

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  1. cowman says :

    lol….i gotta play mafia w/ you, bro

  2. number7436 says :

    yay for dromo!

  3. udonoogen says :

    your post made me want to play mafia.  see ya loren.  happy belated bday!

  4. rice4krxst says :

    great play by play brotha man! haha, you’re a “church counselor!” O, I prefer being the townsperson too.

  5. i_am_found_in_Him says :

    oh sir…all i have to say to you about your comment on my Xanga is – oh bruddah!

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