Sad news from yesterday

Worker killed at construction site
-Man dies in second accident in nine months at location of new-car dealership on Brand Boulevard

I went to tonight’s Southern California Impreza Club local weekly meet.  We met at HK Cafe near the corner of Baldwin and Las Tunas in Arcadia.  I met a new person and also got to some another new (last week was his first time at our weekly meet) person a little bit better.  The latter also happens to be left-handed as well!

I didn’t see Benson (Lam) tonight.  I talked to him for quite a bit last Wednesday night when we were at The Hat.  He’s been going to FCBC LA since 1978 (if I remember correctly) and actually had Hanley and Adam in his cabin group at junior camp!  He even was well aware of the “old Hanley”.  I then shared with him what God has done and is currently doing in Hanley’s life.  I hope Benson can visit sometime and see what God’s up to!  We talked a good bit about being single, his years at FCBC LA including some of the people he grew up with (Auntie Darlene Wong, who was one of my Sunday School teachers when I was young, is the same year as him.  He said a bunch of them grew up together at the LA church.  He also vaguely remembers Uncle Ted and Auntie Nora.), and of course, cars.

Benson owns a bicycle shop to make a honest living.  I asked him last week if he had a business card for me to give to Jonathan Ng (Xanga: j0nathankng) because I figured he could hook Jon up with parts and/or information if Jon ever needed help with his new Giant bicycle.  Benson was actually wearing a Giant bicycle T-shirt when I talked to him last week.  I asked Jon if he knew Benson last Friday night and Jon said he bought his new bicycle from him!

More photos of Benson’s ride from his own web site:

Benson installing mud flaps before taking the Forester out to play/rally (that lift is actually one of the lifts at Suby Specialties in Monrovia, CA – where I take Devoted Dan for services beyond oil changes and regularly scheduled services (7,500 mile, 15,000 mile, 30,000 mile) such as brake jobs and spark plug replacement)

Small world?  No.  God’s world?  YES!!!

EDIT: I just read Cal State Fullerton lost in baseball yesterday to the University of North Carolina.  It was a good run!

But the San Diego Padres now have a 2 game lead in the National League West! 

Mark Prior will make his 2nd start of the season for the Chicago Cubs on Friday in interleague play against the Minnesota Twins and their left-handed ace, Johan Santana.

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4 responses to “”

  1. deadkau says :

    sad to read about that construction worker’s death. hope he knows jc.amen to God’s world. no such thing as a coincidence.

  2. Alex115 says :

    Wow, yeah…Benson I used to run into him all the time with his suby crew… they all look like high schoolers… hahaha

  3. Strikezone says :

    Yes I know Benson. What a small world. Benson and I played softball together ages ago.

  4. mary1202 says :

    Yes, I do. Btw, I know Benson too.

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