Changing gears a lil bit…

Who wants to go to The Streets of Willow Springs this Saturday to hang out and watch some of my Suby/Scooby friends drive their cars on the race track?  Please let me know ASAP!

Some pictures I took at the track…dial-up users, you have been warned (Please forgive me for my n00b photo-taking skills…the only vantage point I used was from the control tower on the front straightaway):

About USCTrojan4JC

God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

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  1. randomranting says :

    You are a solid brother in Christ…nice race photos, strive on, and keep flooring it in your walk with Christ, p.s. you are a good man, one of my twin sisters are still single, i know I have mentioned that before =)

  2. JsprZ says :

    hey are those volks on that bimmer? i might be interested in going =)

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