Chuck Norris Facts read by Chuck Norris himself

Found this at  You may think whatever you want to think after reading it.  I think it’s cool.

My Life’s Mission

People often come up to me and say how “lucky” I am to have been a six time undefeated World Karate Champion and then become a movie and TV star. When they say this to me I just smile and say luck had nothing to do with it, but God had everything to do with it.

I believe God blessed a shy, introverted and non-athletic boy to succeed in the Martial Arts and entertainment field for a purpose. That purpose was to create a program called KickStart that would teach the Martial Arts in public middle schools because that is when many kids begin to drift into gang activity, drug, violence and many other devastating temptations.

I’ve always believed that a child who develops a strong sense of self worth will have the inner strength to resist the many peer pressures that will inevitably come their way. Martial Art’s training raises self-esteem and instills the discipline and respect that so many kids are lacking today. In other words, “KickStart” means building strong, moral character in our youth through the Martial Arts.

I started the program in 1992 with one inner city public middle school in Houston Texas. Since then we have expanded to 35 schools in Texas with an enrollment of approximately 5,000 kids. To date we have graduated over 35,000 kids with many of them going on to college and becoming successful in their own right. In fact six of them after graduating form college have come back to teach in the KickStart program with the purpose of giving back.

Gena and I have prayed many times over the years for God to give us the direction on how to raise the monies necessary to keep the KickStart program operating and how to be able to expand it to other schools. God has answered that prayer by giving me the vision to start the World Combat League and to set aside a percentage of the profits to benefit KickStart. I believe in time the W.C.L. will become the fourth largest professional league in the country next to football, basketball and baseball.

My mom has told me all my life that “God has plans for you”. I believe with all my heart that KickStart was God’s plan for me and the W.C.L. is the way to finance it with the purpose of helping millions of children across America.

0wn3d!!! – How the Da Vinci Code Doesn’t Work courtesy of

And no, it’s not from a “Christian” perspective or anything like that, which makes it even more beautiful!

Please keep praying for my Uncle Milton.  Dealing with him has been hard on my mom for the last few weeks.

Please also keep praying for my job search and all the things related to that.  After talking to one of the wisest men I know, Pastor Jerry Hwang (Xanga: scaryhairyjerry), I think I will stay until the end of June as a favor to the organization and some of its people to try my best to train a replacement(s).

I put my gold wheels and summer tires back on the car this morning to get ready for my track day next Saturday.  My worn summer tires have so much more grip that my all-season tires with a lot of tread left on them!  I had one of the techs at work install part of a brake duct kit on my car today as well.  It looks like one of the front caliper cross springs was left off my car last Saturday at Suby Specialties.  I’ll try to see what I can do to replace it.  I’ll try to swing by their place on Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM if I can wake up that early.

Cross spring

M clip (possibly missing too)

Brake duct partial installation (vehicle pictured is not mine, it is a 2006 WRX which has the aluminum front lower control arms)

We ran out of time to install the ducting (hoses).  We’ll try to finish it up on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It will be setup somewhat similar to this:

Why did I choose to increase the brake cooling capabilities of the vehicle?

With the demands of driving on the track, the brake discs and pads get extremely hot-much hotter than they would in normal everyday driving or even on “spirited” drives on fun, twisty mountain roads (which I do not recommend driving your vehicle to the limit on-take it to the track!).  The brake duct kit should direct a lot more air to the center of the rotor to cool everything down.  When I’ve run at the track previously, I would experience brake fade from my rotors getting too hot which would make my brake pedal go soft after a few laps of a session.  My stopping distances wouldn’t increase, but brake pedal feel is important because it communicates to the driver how well (or poorly) the brake system is operating.

I’m feeling the need…the need for speed!

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  1. JsprZ says :

    and that is why my car is seriously not ready for the track =P

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    i love those chuck norris facts. im going to google for the jack bauer facts right now. =D

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    Whatsup Loren! You have to get Gran Turismo HD when it comes out. It’s every racing fan’s dream!!!

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    i ❤ them subies, specially the rally ones

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    i’m surprised randomranting has not yet commented on this.great testimony.

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