Just replaced Devoted Dan’s windshield wiper refills (a.k.a. inserts) after I got home from work…

Let’s just say it was not exactly what I would call fun (Note: When installing wiper refills, it helps a *lot* to leave the plastic guides on the inserts as you slide them through.  I learned the hard way on the first one I replaced.).  The replacement refills don’t seem to be of the same quality that the originals (which lasted me 2+ years before I started to see streaking might I add) were, but hey, at least I’m streak-free now!  The new ones are also noisier, but like I said before, I’m streak-free now!

For any of you Geoff Moore fans out there or anyone else for that matter, Geoff’s web site (www.geoffmoore.com) was updated recently.  It now uses Macromedia Flash!  My favorite additions are some of the new things he wrote for the site regarding adoption and Compassion International and some recent pictures of his family including his two adopted Chinese daughters, Anna Grace and Ashley Rose.

On Compassion International:

When I first started making records, (Yes, they were vinyl. If you don’t know, ask your parents!!) I soon discovered that being a recording artist gives you a platform.  Through the years, that platform has allowed me the privilege of, not only sharing my songs with a lot of people, but promoting causes I believe in.  Compassion has been the most significant partnership of my ministry.  Chances are if you’ve seen me play, you’ve heard me speak about the work of Compassion.  From my first trip to Haiti until my most recent trip to Kenya and Rwanda, I have been exposed to their amazing work all over the world.  You may have heard me say that I believe if we are Christians, it’s not if we help the poor, it’s simply a question of how.  I want you to know that I have seen the work of Compassion.  I have met their employees and thousands of the children they help everyday.  And I have seen their books, and I can tell you wholeheartedly that we can trust them.  They are being the hands and feet of Jesus everyday in places we may never go or ever see.  I urge you, I’d beg if it would help, to consider sponsoring a child today.  If you have any questions please email me and I will get you an answer.  Simply click on the Compassion International link, if you live in the US, or Compassion Canada for my friends up north, and you can find a child to build a friendship with right now.  If you live elsewhere in the world, contact us and I will connect you with other countries.  The old saying,”this will change your life,” has been way over used, but in this case, it’s true.  And not just your life, but the life of a child that desperately needs your help right now.  Every child sponsored through Compassion is connected to a local evangelical church.  And they become Christians by the tens of thousands every year.  We are literally investing in eternity.  We must continue to reach them until all are cared for, every single one.

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