To all the UCLA fans who took joy in USC’s loss to Texas, I will simply say, “What goes around comes around!” To the UCLA fans who didn’t care that USC lost to Texas, you can disregard the previous comment.

Tonight I watched the best college basketball game I’ve watched in five years (the last time USC went to the tourney and lost to eventual champion Duke in the Elite Eight due to an interestingly-timed time out for Coach K to curse/cuss at his players on their way to a victory in a plot by CBS and the NCAA to keep ratings up and sell more Duke merchandise…ya’ll know I’m right…Duke, UNC, ND, and Michigan are probably at the top of the charts in terms of apparel and merchandise sold)!

The agony of defeat never tasted so sweet!

Baseball’s back!!!  Let all the earth rejoice!  All the earth rejoice!  j/k!

Teams I love:
San Diego Padres (1-0)
Chicago Cubs (1-0)
Anaheim Angels (1-0)

Teams I despise:
Los Angeles Dodger$ (0-1)
New York Yankee$ (1-0)

Check out the current issue of Sport Compact Car!

After talking to Nick Lui (Xanga: sup_cuz) and Brian Park, it seems that I took the owner of the red NSX (that probably is not him behind the wheel in the cover shot) in my car during my last track day at Buttonwillow Raceway in session 2.

Look at how relaxed he is even though I’m driving the wheels off the car!  Session 2 had its moments because there was some on/off drizzle while I was turning my laps.  I was glad I was able to provide him with tips and information that helped him go faster with his own car later in the day!

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5 responses to “”

  1. DEAD_ED_WALKING says :

    i laughed out loud when i read ‘let all the earth rejoice.’ i am sad the bruins fell; that noah player looks like michael jackson, and his emotional outbursts on the court are unnecessary. good track pics, as usual.

  2. sup_cuz says :

    good driving! btw thats sander behind the wheel

  3. scaryhairyjerry says :

    i’m glad the bruins didn’t go all the way, for obvious reasons. =)

  4. demanguy says :

    Came to this site from Tommyboy’s… you know tommyboy too? sheesh, you know everybody from SD…

  5. jeremywu says :

    I’m not sure I take joy in the bRuins coming up short – but I’d certainly say that i couldn’t care less if they won or not. Really, they were lucky to be there at all. Some bRuins I know are using the SC loss to Texas to make themselves feel better about this saying that they are growing and that the team is young. Same goes for the SC football team – but those same idiots will yell and scream about how SC’s reign is over in football. Furthermore, you’re never going to see me gloat or even talk about Florida’s win. Who cares? Insecure fans use insecure means to feel better about themselves. I remember seeing the bRuin band enter our Coliseum tunnel with “Hook em Horns” signs after we killed them 66-19 this year. Please – did they all just submit their transfer papers? I wasn’t happy that Texas beat us either but hey, at least that game was close.

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