For my dear seniors…just in case you wanted another crack at going to Biola, The Master’s College, or USC.  You tried the rest, now experience the best!  j/k!  I doubt any of you were affected.  If I’m wrong however, you may want to check it out below.  I actually heard this piece of information listening to The Fish 95.9 FM from none other than John Tesh who has his own show on weekdays from 7 PM to Midnight.


October 2005 SAT: Important Information

The College Board recently discovered that a technical processing matter affected a very small percentage of October 2005 SAT test takers. As a result, approximately 4,000 students (0.8% of the SAT Reasoning Test takers who tested during that administration) did not receive credit for some correct answers; therefore, their scores are higher than originally reported.

Students who were affected have been notified by email.

Please note:

  • If you were affected, you have received an email notification and you will receive a revised official score report in the mail.
  • Students who have been notified can access their revised scores at
  • We are only contacting students with revised scores.
  • High schools and colleges that were affected have been notified.
  • The score difference for the vast majority of students was less than 100 points across all three sections of the test.
  • We are refunding those students’ test registration fees as well as any other fees associated with sending scores from the October test administration.

Our research has determined that this scoring anomaly was a one time problem, and only involved the October 2005 SAT Reasoning Test.

We very much regret any worry or inconvenience that this problem may have caused students.

We have reached out to and are working with admissions officers across the country in an effort to ensure that this event has only a positive effect on the affected students.

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  1. SeeYaThea says :

    yes! Master’s!

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