Happy Birthday wishes (“birthday greetings today” – LOL for those who know what’s up) go out to Andrew Hsu!  This guy reminds me a good bit of myself.  Left-handed…fairly humble..still not possessing a driver’s license (not that I’m aware of) senior year of high school…

More importantly, I am thankful to God and praise Him for Andrew because he has shared life, that is, his life in Christ, with others around him.  If I have my facts straight, it is through ‘Drew that God revealed Himself to Benson Lau, who has undoubtedly injected a lot of new life into the senior class and high school fellowship the last couple of years.  It’s because of this, Benson’s mom started going to our church and joined it last year if I remember correctly.

This reminds me of a song sung by Geoff Moore called “Pass It On” off an album of the same name put out by Focus On the Family.  The chorus goes a little something like this:

We’ve got a life worth living
A gift worth giving
A faith worth sharing
We’ve got to pass it on
Just like a river rolling
The good keeps going
The love keeps growing
When we pass it on

To everyone out there who identifies himself or herself with Christ, keep passing it on…and FIGHTING ON!!!  This victory sign goes up for Andrew Hsu, my fellow God follower!  The victory is the Lord’s!



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5 responses to “”

  1. TenThousandPoetWarriors says :

    i like andrew too.he also invited Gabe and Justin Ko and a couple of other guys to our church.actually i too wrote about him … a year ago here.

  2. babylildreamer says :

    praise God for andrew!  đŸ˜€

  3. Strikezone says :

    Check out rival.com for the latest on the new incoming class.

  4. lilwongii says :

    haha your link didn’t work…but i assume it’s a USC thing… :0) i dont think i’ve ever seen anyone with more school pride than you… haha but that’s cool… i hope you’re doing well loren!

  5. lilonani says :

    hahah yay its good to know! <-i’d be referring to the comment you left me heheh

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