Back from a great time at the track!

I’ll have more details later.

Cliff Notes:
-Ran four 1/2 hour sessions (usually they give us five but things got started late )
-Session 1 was on a wet and cold track
-I spun twice off the track and onto the mud in Session 1.  No problem getting out though with Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive.  Cause: Rear tires only had 3/32 to 4/32 of tread going into the session because they were my front tires at my last track day plus the car is setup for light oversteer on throttle lift and when turning in and braking.  It’s an AWESOME setup in the dry, not so awesome in the wet.  All-Wheel Drive can’t defy God’s laws of physics when turning (or any in other situations for that matter), folks!
-Session 2 – I had an owner of an Acura NSX ride as my passenger and he said he learned some things from simply riding along with me.
-Session 3 – A new friend I met, Brian (or Bryan), rode with me.  He said I gave him the best ride of the day (he rode in a STi and another faster car that day).
-Session 4 – Another new friend, Clariss (EDIT: correction), who I actually had met at a wedding reception I went to on November 20, 2005 (he was at my table), rode with me and he really loved it too.
-The most fun I had was driving hard behind and in front of a 2004 Mazda Mazdaspeed MX-5 Miata (those things are no joke!) in Session 3 (off and on rain in the beggining of the session made things interesting) and a 2004 or 2005 BMW M3 Coupe w/ SMG and Brembo brakes (I don’t know what else he had) in Session 4.  I would press hard behind them to see how I matched up and then they would let me by on a straightaway to see how well they would fare behind me.  The driver of the M3 and his friend with a 2004 STi that was heavily modded gave me “mad props” afterward especially since the car I drive is fairly stock (compared to theirs).  I suppose you could say the car I drive is mildly to moderately modified, but far from heavily modified.
-Cool thing of the day – A lot of the guys I spent time around at the track today attend New Song.  If I remember correctly, they used to be in the same small group and were now spread throughout different small groups.  I think only I and Nick Lui are the only people at First Chinese Baptist, Walnut that have done open track days/HPDE’s (High Performance Driving Events).  With small groups named G.A.S. (God’s Anointed Servants) and M.A.C.H.O. (Men Approaching Christ’s Holy Obedience), to only have two guys who have done tracks days is not where I want us to be!  Btw, ladies are more than welcome to participate as well!

Before playing in the mud


A few speeds around the track from the Start/Finish Line going clockwise:
~105 mph before braking for Sunrise (~60 mph left turn)
~85-90 mph before braking for the Cotton Corners
~90 mph going into Riverside
~70-80 mph through the early part of Riverside, ~80-85 exiting
~100-102 mph before braking for the Lost Hill
~95 mph before braking for the Sweeper
~90 mph before the last left of the Esses
~110 mph before braking for Sunset (~50-55 mph left turn onto the front straightaway)

The following is from Brian’s (Xanga: ping9pong) latest entry that he got from someone else.  Can you see what’s wrong with the picture below?

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8 responses to “”

  1. scaryhairyjerry says :

    glad you made it through safe and sound… when i saw the rain coming down, i prayed for ya!

  2. AznLzyGuy says :

    Nice!!..drifting like crazy in the rain today!! haha..glad you had fun and had a safe ride!!

  3. deadkau says :

    looks like a lot of fun. and very impressive too. great opportunities for outreach!don’t worry, i won’t attribute it to the school. but i’m tempted to attribute it to cheerleaders in general.

  4. Space_Cowboy says :

    i started reading this and thought “wow i didn’t know loren enjoyed running.” then i read more and realized i’m a moron. hahaha

  5. brentlicious says :

    Sounds like a blast. I’m jealous.

  6. sup_cuz says :

    covered paddocks! lol, as brent said im jealous also. way to go off-roading ;]

  7. deadkau says :

    ryc: yes, henry’s the one.

  8. Strikezone says :

    Classic picture. I like the look the other 2 cheerleaders are giving her.

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